Here are all 7 Valorant maps in rotation for Episode 6

By Fariha Bhatti


Jan 9, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 has begun, and with it, a new season for the rank grind is here. Here are all seven playable maps in the current act. 

Valorant Episode 6 will run for the next six months, meaning players must learn the existing map pool by heart to stay on top of their game. However, unlike Project A, Riot Games has taken a new approach to the map pool. Rotations will kick at least one map out in each episode, but two have been plucked out to make space for Split and Lotus this time. 

It sounds confusing, so we have compiled a list of all active Valorant episode 6 maps. 


Valorant map Split

To start the new year, Riot has removed the iconic map Bind to accommodate Split. The corporate area seeping into a chill neighborhood is set in the alpha earth Tokyo, Japan. Before Kingdom set up its offices here, Split was a calm society where people lived peacefully. Now, it’s a funny amalgam of plazas and shiny offices, developing into old-school homes and flats. 

Now, the iconic map has returned to active Valorant maps in Episode 6 with minor tweaks. 


Valorant map Lotus

Replacing Breeze enters Lotus. Set in India, the map has tons of potential to mix up the stagnant Valorant meta. Revolving doors, breakable walls, silent drop, and, finally, triple sites are just a few notable features that set Lotus apart from active duty. The visually pleasant map effectively replaces Breeze, known for its beachy aesthetic. 

Lotus is a bit larger, primarily similar to Haven, but it is highly entertaining. Valorant episode 6 will indeed be fast-paced and cut-throat, thanks to Lost City.


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Haven remains one of the most complicated Valorant locales, ultimately making it a staple in the esports scene. Teams are still struggling to find the right way to station players after the side switch on Haven, so it stays fresh despite being one of the original maps. 

With Lotus’ addition, there are now two triple site maps in Valorant. Players will have a lot of adjusting to do in Episode 6. 


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Ascent has a unique automatic door feature, but it is still the most traditional FPS map in Valorant. 

Players love this simple yet complex location for its expansive bomb points divided by a vast middle area. Teams must bring a blend of practiced strategies and crisp aim in order to win a game on Ascent. The classic location calls for strategic depth, making it an enjoyable map. 


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The dual spawn map will remain in the map pool for episode 6, but it’s not surprising. Fracture is still new, so players will need some more time to develop gameplay in this location. Most Valorant players are still on the fence about this rather congested map, but it has its own solid fanbase that has convinced Riot to keep it in the pool.


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The fantastic utopia Pearl is large, puzzling, and crammed with choke points. The developer had removed Split in favor of Pearl to spice up the competitive scene. Pearl doesn’t necessarily have a functioning gimmick but brings a unique transparent ceiling. The idea of a city encased in glass is undoubtedly fascinating, even if it doesn’t contribute to game mechanics. 


Valorant map Icebox

No other map has chokepoints as punishing as Icebox, which is precisely why players like to compete in this location. While one bomb point offers close-range battles, point A is all about long-range shooting. Many players also appreciate this location due to its fresh scenery that adds icy tones to Valorant’s predominantly sandy aesthetic.