Project L review

Project L review at Evo 2023: Powerful, dynamic, and promising

By Olivia Richman


Aug 6, 2023

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Project L is a heavily anticipated fighting game that the competitive FGC has been waiting for. Not only does the game have visually stunning and dynamic gameplay, but the fighting community is hoping for support from Riot Games to help expand the grassroots scene.

I had the chance to play Project L at Evo 2023, and it truly did feel like the new beginning that the FGC is looking for.

Heading into the Project L area at Evo 2023, you could feel the excitement around you. The fighting game community most definitely knows something special is brewing, and this was our first chance to see it in action. As a long-time Smash player and FGC member, I was definitely hopeful when I held the PlayStation controller in my hand.

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The game immediately drew me in. The bold and simple visuals really felt captivating and like it was definitely its own voice in a sea of fighting game hopefuls. The yellow is electric and an instant signal that the game is going to be energetic and full of nonstop action. The menus are straightforward yet have this air of suspense at what’s to come.

Project L 2v2 gameplay: A review

Let me say that I love Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. That 1v1 action — two people just battling it out head to head, no distractions — is what really draws me into fighting games. I love the concept of someone pouring themselves into a match, relying on their own skill and knowledge. But bringing 2v2 into the fighting game scene could truly shake it up and offer us something new to play and watch.

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The 2v2 gameplay was very intuitive and exciting. The game is truly built around the idea of two people being on each team, even though you can play as both champions if you choose. You will need to pick champions that mesh well together and then choose an augment that works with their fighting style. You will need to constantly communicate with your teammate to figure out when to switch out and when to assist.

This constant communication is definitely new in a fighting game, at least for me. You can’t be in your own head. Every move you do should have your teammate in mind. And you have to “allow” each other to stay out when they rush out with an assist, so you have to really make sure you are vocalizing when you want to jump in.

I think it will be very exciting for the esports scene to watch two highly skilled players really play off of each other and use a blend of mechanical abilities and teamwork to outplay equally skillful opponents. And casually, playing with a friend will definitely be a pulse-pounding experience that’ll make game nights incredible.

The champions in Project L

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There were only four champions available at the demo at Evo 2023. But all of them were completely different when it came to how they played. This was pretty awesome since you can choose a champion based on your fighting gameplay style.

For example, Ekko was definitely not my speed, while Yasuo felt like he matched how I usually play games like Soul Calibur. The fast, long-range weapon and his multiple stances were definitely something I could see myself mastering.

Every champion felt powerful and satisfying to play (and watch). And you could tell they were inspired by their abilities in League of Legends. But as someone who has never played a MOBA in my life, I still really enjoyed the champions and their dynamic moveset and appearances.

It’s not clear if the game will be balanced right now, but each champion definitely has their own specialties and unique playstyle. You will have to play around with each champion to see which is right for you — and your teammate. You’ll eventually find a duo that really meshes together and brings out your best fighting game capabilities.


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