Project L full 2v2 match gameplay revealed

By Nicholas James


Aug 6, 2023

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Riot Games is building up hype for its League of Legends-themed fighting game Project L, and fans just got their first full-length footage of a match.

Riot Games has been expanding the Runeterra Universe, originally created for League of Legends, out into multiple titles. Some released, some still in development, the most-anticipated one is the 2D tag-team fighting game dubbed “Project L” whilst in development.

With a hands-on demo touting four playable character debuting at EVO 2023, Riot has also decided to give fans their first uncut look at a Project L match, played by the devs themselves.

Project L full 2v2 match gameplay excites fans

Recently, Riot Games took to its YouTube channel to showcase a much more organic example of what the studio’s first fighting game will look like in play. Project L has been confirmed to be a tag-team fighter, with both 1v1 and 2v2 modes available.

This footage was released as part of the announcement of a 2v2 mode, in which each champion is controlled by a different player. Players can tag their allied champion, controlled by them or an ally, into play in a variety of moves and combos that are sure to give way to enormous skill expression from players.

The Project L full 2v2 match gameplay shows off just how far the game has come since its original announcement.

The teams in the exhibition match are Ahri & Darius against Ekko and Ahri. The four minute and forty six-second-long clip highlights the cooperative nature of the Duos mode. The tag team mode is in full effect as players tag in their allies to extend combos and get relief from pressure.

At the same time, poorly timed tags give way to brutal punishes that swing rounds squarely one way or the other. Overall, the gameplay holds to the crisp, AAA standard that Riot holds for itself.

With early reviews from this weekend’s hands-on demos at EVO rolling in, Project L seems to be squarely living up to the ridiculous hype for it.


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