Fedmyster responds to Pokimane text leaks, says they’re private

By Olivia Richman


Nov 26, 2020

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Former Offline TV streamer Federico “Fedmyster” Gaytan has broken his social media silence to say his 25-page confession about Imane “Pokimane” Anys was leaked against his will. 

Fedmyster was kicked out of the Offline TV home in June after another housemate accused of him sexual harassment. After being removed from the company, Fedmyster virtually disappeared from social media and content creation. Meanwhile, Pokimane had dropped a video discussing the situation. 

In the video, Pokimane appeared to place a lot of blame on Fedmyster. She not only stated that he wanted the housemate to be kicked out of the house, but further claimed that Fedmyster purposely kept her from being friends with other content creators.

In response, Fedmyster created a 25-page document that outlined his rocky relationship with the famous streamer. He also addressed many of the accusations she’d made, and was upset that Pokimane had given “zero context to the nature of our relationship” while spreading a lot of information he viewed as false. 

But now, Fedmyster is claiming that the document was leaked without his permission. 

Fedmyster claims Pokimane text screenshots were leaked

Fedmyster broke his social media silence on November 25 to tell everyone that the document was not meant to be shared publicly. According to a one-page explanation about the situation, Fedmyster said the document was leaked by someone he’d shown it to without his consent, which he called a “malicious violation of my trust.” 

In the document, Fedmyster stated that Pokimane and himself came to an agreement to never share screenshots and texts from their interpersonal relationship. Instead, both streamers wanted to “heal” and “prevent any further harm” to anyone else involved in the story. He’d written the document when friends encouraged him to share his side, but later “came to understand” Pokimane’s side of the story and her decision-making. 

Fedmyster stated that he stands by what he wrote, but that he now has a clearer understanding of what Pokimane experienced. 

“Although it wasn’t my intention to shine Poki in a bad light when I’d vent to our friends [at Just Friends], the side effect is that many of our friends perceived her differently, and in turn avoided pursuing a friendship with her. I understand why she felt manipulated,” Fedmyster wrote. 

Fedmyster also noted that he was never intimate with Pokimane and further stated that she never led him on. 

“We have both made mistakes and owned up to them privately,” Fedmyster said. “I regret that this was made public.” 

Fedmyster Pokimane

Pokimane and Fedmyster drama continues

After initially appearing to indicate that she would weigh in on things, Pokimane has still yet to respond to the situation publicly. 

While the variety streamer has remained silent about the ongoing drama, the streaming community has continued to weigh in on the shocking revelations from Fedmyster’s leaked document. 

“Everyone painting Pokimane as the bad guy when he inappropriately touched women is straight gross. Him being ‘led on’ doesn’t excuse him touching other women inappropriately or any of the shit he did,” one woman tweeted

This led some men to stand up for Fedmyster, stating that being “mentally abused” and “led on” by a crush can be very difficult. Some women responded by saying that being turned down by someone they like isn’t a form of abuse. They felt Pokimane made it clear that she wasn’t interested in a more serious relationship. 

The streaming community is anxiously awaiting a response from Pokimane, but it’s quite possible she will remain silent on the matter in an attempt to let the drama cool down. 


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