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Pokimane discusses sexism on Twitch, diversity on the platform

By Olivia Richman


Sep 12, 2022

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Imane “Pokimane” Anys recently discussed gender diversity and sexism on Twitch while speaking on the Trash Taste podcast.

Pokimane has largely been the face of female streamers on Twitch. She’s been streaming games and interacting with her chat since 2013 and stands as one of the largest female content creators on the platform. Over the years, Pokimane has faced troubles including harassment, stalking, and hate raids. Fans have also repetitively asked her about her orientation and relationship status.

Twitch has been changing for women, however, according to Pokimane. Here’s what she has to say about Twitch today compared to the past.

Pokimane claims Twitch is “more diverse” in recent years

While talking on Trash Taste on September 9, Pokimane discussed her career journey as a female streamer. She said the content and streamers she sees on Twitch have become “more diversified with every year.”

“Do you guys remember, back in the day, especially when [League of Legends] was always the most popular game on Twitch…What was always running rampant was these videos talking about ‘female Twitch streamers and cleavage.’ That was the thing. That was the clickbait everywhere,” Pokimane said.

Over the years, Pokimane had become frustrated with male viewers labeling her a “cam girl” and casual sexism on the Twitch chat. The Trash Taste hosts asked her if she blames new content creators like Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa for perpetuating the idea of cam girls on Twitch, but Pokimane was quick to put the blame on men instead.

“Someone told me once ‘you shouldn’t be upset at the female streamers who are doing that. You should be upset at the guys who are expecting you to do the same thing,'” Pokimane said.

Despite Twitch’s positive changes over the years, Pokimane has decided to diversify her content going forward. After a month-long break from Twitch, Pokimane came back to announce that she would not be streaming as consistently and would instead be talking fashion and beauty on TikTok and Instagram.


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