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Pokimane announces huge career move after month-long break

By Olivia Richman


Sep 1, 2022

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Imane “Pokimane” Anys’ fans have been anxiously awaiting her return to Twitch after a break that lasted more than a month. Now, Pokimane has finally decided to tell her community what’s in store for content now that she’s back online.

Pokimane decided to take a break late July that saw her leave Twitch, content creation, and social media behind due to feeling a bit of burnout. After a month of silence, Pokimane returned to take a sultry selfie on Twitter. Now, Pokimane has decided to share how she’s been feeling and what she has planned after her move and Twitch break.

Why did Pokimane take a break from Twitch?

When Pokimane initially left Twitch, she left the explanation quite vague. Similar to other content creators, Pokimane cited mental health and burnout. She was sick of seeing “the same annoying comments” and felt she wasn’t taking care of herself after her move.

During her break, Pokimane felt a sense of clarity about herself and her career. She realized she had been putting off “basic human things” like finding a new gym and grocery store, to instead play games and stream all day. Having streamed since she was 17, the 26-year-old felt that she has been “putting herself out there” so much that she wasn’t sure if she was doing things for herself or for validation anymore.

“As an adult, you’re figuring out who you are and discovering yourself. When I’m constantly putting myself out there, I’m not taking the time to actually reflect or grow as an individual or think about what I like. […] You don’t realize the toll it takes on you as a person,” Pokimane said on a new video. “Am I turning into the person I want to be?”

What’s next for Pokimane?

Pokimane started to get nervous and choked up mid-video while discussing her feelings about being a full-time streamer. She explained that she’s playing every large, trending game, and hasn’t felt as passionate or excited about “participating in the rat race that is streaming.”

During her break, Pokimane realized that she enjoyed not having to stream all day and be able to experience her life. She enjoyed taking Instagram stories and going about her day or making a TikTok and then continuing her routine. While she initially felt a pressure to return to streaming, Pokimane said she felt a sense of “relief” that she no longer has to stick to her grueling streaming schedule.

Pokimane said that she will be utilizing other platforms more going forward. While she will still be streaming and gaming, she will no longer have a set streaming schedule and will instead be on TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms that “fit into my lifestyle” a bit more. Rather than only talking about gaming on Twitch, Pokimane will be able to connect with other communities as well as she dives deeper into fashion, travel vlogging, and beauty, which are “so fun and fulfilling” for her.

Pokimane isn’t quitting streaming but she will be streaming a lot less frequently to focus on other types of content creation around the internet.

In response to her update, fans were largely supportive on YouTube. But only time will tell what is truly being planned by Pokimane going forward and how fans will react to her new types of content.


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