Overwatch 2 Invasion trailer

Overwatch 2: Invasion PvE story revealed in recent trailer

By Olivia Richman


Aug 5, 2023

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The latest trailer for Overwatch 2: Invasion has given a hint at what’s to come in the highly anticipated and controversial PvE mode.

After Overwatch 2 developers canceled a previously promised extensive PvE mode with hero storylines and skill trees, the team promised a smaller PvE mode coming in Season 6, but fans are displeased with the price and the lack of replayability. Still, developers have been attempting to build up hype with promotional material and developer updates.

This time around, Overwatch 2 released a trailer revealing the story behind the PvE missions.

Overwatch 2: Invasion trailer hints at PvE story

The newest trailer shows the Overwatch team racing through Rio de Janeiro, Gothenburg, and Toronto as the communities are being evacuated. Ramattra is seen leading an omnic liberation group, Null Sector, and calling for the “liberation” of the omnics in these locations.

It then turns to Winston, who seems suspicious of Null Sector. He stated that Null Sector seems different this time. Horrifying invasions are seen around the world, with Overwatch heroes in the midst of the chaos. This includes Sojourn fighting against an invasion in Canada, which was hinted at in her upcoming cinematic.

Near the end, a gigantic robot can be seen terrorizing a city, much like Godzilla in kaiju movies. This explains why there will be story missions on maps that are “four to five times bigger” than the versions of these cities that exist for competitive game modes.

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What do we know about the Invasion PvE story missions?

When Season 6 launches, Overwatch 2 will introduce players to three-story missions. They will take place in three cities — Rio de Janeiro, Gothenburg, and Toronto — all of which are being attacked by Null Sector. It’s currently unclear which heroes will star in the missions.

The Overwatch 2: Invasion costs $15, which includes the PvE story missions, 1,000 Overwatch Coins, and a new Sojourn Legendary skin. You will also get Sojourn as a playable hero permanently.

More story missions will be coming later, but developers have already added that these may be the only three players will get in 2023. Unfortunately, players with early access to the PvE mode felt they didn’t have replayability, which may frustrate a lot of players who don’t want to pay $15 to play three missions over and over.

Overwatch 2: Invasion is coming out on August 10, 2023.