Overwatch 2 players underwhelmed with PvE mode playtest

By Olivia Richman


Jul 1, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Overwatch 2 has been running a PvE playtest, and the participants are not too excited about the content.

Blizzard has been in hot water ever since announcing that the PvE content that was promised since the first Overwatch had been canceled. The original PvE concept included unique hero missions, skill trees, and customized abilities, but this proved to be too much for the Overwatch 2 team.

After the PvE content was canceled, gamers expressed frustration with Blizzard and said they felt lied to. To alleviate the criticism, developers revealed that PvE content was coming in Season 6, although it’d look a bit different (and cost money). Fans were skeptical of the new PvE content since it looked to be a bit more simplistic — but here’s the scoop from Overwatch 2 players that had the chance to play it ahead of Invasion.

Overwatch 2 players have harsh feedback for PvE content

Multiple content creators were invited to Blizzard’s headquarters to test out the PvE story missions coming to Season 6, and the feedback is as expected.

The Overwatch 2 players who took part in the playtest felt that the PvE mode was a great way to progress the overall storyline and learn more about Overwatch’s lore. The voice lines were also standout and highlighted heroes’ personalities and relationships with one another.

But the actual gameplay was not given the same positive feedback.

A lot of Overwatch players took to social media to give their honest feelings about the new PvE mode and most were not satisfied. It felt like there was no replayability after it was completed on the hardest level, especially because it was a bit on the easy side.

This left some fans frustrated because it costs money to unlock the PvE mode. Paying to play through PvE mode one time and then never playing it again seemed like a ripoff to a lot of gamers. It’s especially a letdown after losing the original PvE concept.

Still, the main draw of Overwatch 2 is the PvP gameplay, so the underwhelming PvE mode isn’t a deal breaker for players.

The PvE content is coming in Season 6, starting August 10.


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