Kai Cenat

Kanye West accuses Kai Cenat of being an industry plant as pants drama continues

By Olivia Richman


Apr 26, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

It looks like the Kanye West versus Kai Cenat drama is not over yet.

Earlier this year, Kai Cenat tried on a pair of pants from rapper and controversial figure Kanye West’s latest fashion line. On stream, Kai Cenat noted that the pants were too big and didn’t fit, which caused West to DM him directly and demand he “not make jokes” about his clothes.

In response, Cenat asked what he did, forcing West’s manager to reach out with a more serious discussion. Cenat took the call on stream, including the manager reprimanding him for cutting him off and explaining why he can’t talk bad about West’s brand on livestream.

It seemed like the short-lived beef between the streamer and rapper was squashed — until now.

Kanye West talks about drama with Kai Cenat

Apparently, the negative comments Kai Cenat made about West’s sweatpants has been living rent free in his mind. While recently speaking on a podcast called The Download, West stated that Cenat is an “industry plant” that is using his status as an influencer to “mind control” viewers.

Cenat caught wind of the clip and reacted to it live on stream.

“Ye, I have been doing this s— since 2018,” Cenat said.

He began to further explain himself but changed his mind, asking why they were even arguing when the “pants ain’t fit” as a fact. Cenat even asked West to send a new pair of pants that fit if he wanted a more positive response.

The beef is most likely not over as we expect West to have something to say in return. The two influencers cannot stop yapping.

Cenat yelled: “Just send me some new pants bro! All of this because the pants ain’t fit?”