Valorant RVNG

New Valorant teaser points at custom maps for Death match

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 14, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Riot has dropped a cute new teaser with dark undertones hinting at a hacker who’s toying with existing maps in Valorant.  

Valorant’s adored couple, Raze and Killjoy, are back for Pride Month. While fans are happy to know that the duo is still dating and thriving, the teaser isn’t all happy-go-lucky. The short trailer dubbed RVNG adds color to Valorant lore. 

On June 14, Riot cut the curtain on a short teaser featuring Raze and Killjoy. The duo can be seen working on Raze’s malfunctioning BoomBot, while someone tinkers with Killjoy’s iPad. 

RVNG hints at new TDM maps in Valorant

In the teaser, Killjoy offers to help Raze with the BoomBot and places her iPad aside, containing sensitive information. As soon as the pair turns away, someone hacks into her device, initiating an RVNG program. Clearly, it’s for some sort of revenge, but the source behind the program is unknown. While most of the information displayed is illegible, some map names can be read easily. 

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The hacker loads up familiar map images but with new names. Ascent is dubbed as Piazza, Split as District, and Bind as Kasbah. It’s tough to say why someone is renaming the existing maps, but one theory seems to apply perfectly. 

Earlier, Riot mentioned that the TDM mode HURM would have custom maps exclusive to the new mode. So, instead of designing brand new maps, Riot is likely opening up the unplayable boundaries of existing maps and giving them new names. For example, Piazza could be a new chunk of Ascent currently in an unplayable area. Kasbah and District could also be map parts from Split and Bind. 

It’s not entirely impossible since releasing brand-new maps for the death match doesn’t make a lot of sense. Moreover, players would likely enjoy unexplored areas of existing maps much more than playing TDM on new locations. 

However, this is just a theory. It’s also possible that the new names have something to do with the upcoming agent’s lore. Maybe Valorant agent 23 is a complete outsider and doesn’t know about these maps. That would explain their trying to hack into Killjoy’s data. It also points to their ability to gather intel by hook or by crook, which seems quite promising if true. 

But, theories aside, Riot will reveal more information about HURM on June 15. Players may also want to watch out for agent 23 teasers when the TDM trailer drops.