Valorant developers confirm Raze and Killjoy are girlfriends

By Olivia Richman


Dec 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant developers have just confirmed a popular ship between two popular agents, Raze and Killjoy.

There have been some hints in Valorant lore as of late that Raze and Killjoy are romantically involved. But it was never explicitly stated nor confirmed. That all changed on December 11, however.

Raze and Killjoy are both very outspoken and sarcastic agents on the roster and a lot of interactions between the two have been very fiery. Killjoy can be heard telling her partner that she’s good at “driving people crazy” in one interaction, showing their spicy dynamic. Another voice line has Raze asking her girlfriend if she wants to do some “tinkering,” a very playful innuendo.

These moments have left many Valorant players curious about their relationship, and now developers have finally unveiled the truth behind the voice lines.

Are Raze and Killjoy together?

The Valorant Twitter account shared a picture of Raze and Killjoy kissing yesterday morning. The wholesome moment appeared to take place at a crowded, festive location, meaning the two agents are very much public with their relationship.

The response to the relationship has been very positive within the Valorant community. In the past, players even begged developers to make their relationship canon due to their heated interactions. Now, it’s all coming true.

A lot of fans felt that the relationship was a perfect example of “opposites attract,” since Raze is all about destroying things and Killjoy is all about building and fixing things. Now the developer has confirmed fan speculation with a social media post on the game’s official account.

While there have been some gamers who called Riot out for “forcing” gay relationships to pander to the LGBTQ+ community, it should be noted that this relationship has been hinted at for a while now. It’s even been called the “worst kept secret” by Valorant’s account.