MrBeast reveals plans for “most expensive” YouTube video yet

By Olivia Richman


Jul 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson is known for his over-the-top videos and charitable streams. He is always looking for ways to top his last stunt and this time, MrBeast is planning his most expensive video yet.

MrBeast has been on YouTube since 2012 when he was just 13. Since then, MrBeast has gained notoriety online for his wild videos, including a complete Squid Game recreation with over 450 participants and competing in League of Legends against Tyler “Ninja” Blevins for charity. He has amassed over 99 million subscribers on YouTube over the years and is hoping to celebrate hitting 100 million.

On July 17, MrBeast took to Twitter to announce that he’s been working on a “special” video all year in preparation for reaching 100 million subscribers. He told fans that he’d upload his “most expensive and insane video ever” when he reaches that milestone.

What is MrBeast planning for his most expensive YouTube video?

MrBeast has been hush-hush about his secret subscriber special video so it’s still a mystery what this video will be. The fact that it will be his most expensive video yet has fans quite curious since he’s spent millions on videos in the past. His Squid Game video cost him $3.5 million to build and produce.

How did MrBeast become rich?

It’s estimated that MrBeast makes around $400,000 a day from his YouTube content alone. This is due to the incredible amount of views his videos rack up. MrBeast also has a lot of big-name sponsors, including CSGO Lotto and TikTok.

MrBeast recently opened up a fast food chain known as MrBeast Burger located all over the United States and Canada. He announced earlier this month that the chain made over $100 million in revenue since launching in 2020.

With some websites estimating his net worth at almost $55 million, MrBeast has plenty of money to pour into over-the-top videos. It will be interesting to see what his 100 subscriber special will be like and how many millions will go into it.


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