Erick "aspas" Santos of LOUD at VALORANT Masters Tokyo Features Day on June 8, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan.

LOUD is the most popular team at Valorant Champions by far

By George Geddes


Aug 15, 2023

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The Brazilian champions LOUD were the most viewed team during the group stage, according to data collected by Esports Charts

LOUD, arguably the most popular team in the Americas region alongside Sentinels, drew in impressive viewership statistics during the group stage. In terms of peak viewership, LOUD was featured in the top three against different opponents from around the world. 

At the time of writing, the most popular match of Valorant Champions was between LOUD and European Natus Vincere on day seven of the group stage. 

The match accrued a peak viewership of 713,960, which was around the same range for matches in last year’s Champions. 

LOUD faced up against Team Liquid and DRX, which racked up similar statistics, also. 

Valorant Champions has maintained an average viewership of 404,768, with over 23,948,768 hours watched. 

LOUD’s viewership stats could get higher at Champions

The Brazilian team is set to play against Fnatic, the favorites to win the event, in the first match of the playoff bracket

The two powerhouse teams will battle it out for the winner to feature in the upper semifinals. The lower will have to slug through the lower bracket. 

Fnatic has looked dominant over the past few months with several international tournament victories. The European team was victorious at VCT LOCK//IN and managed to win VCT Masters Tokyo. 

The Fnatic players have racked up high ratings for this event, also. Sentinel player Emir “Alfajer” Ali Beder is the highest-rated player in the group stage with a 1.37 rating, according to

LOUD has been relying on the fragging power of Felipe “Less” de Loyola, while Erick “aspas” Santos has been relatively quiet compared to his usual star performances. He has accrued an average rating of 1.06. 

LOUD is set to take on Fnatic tomorrow in the first game of the playoffs.