Logan Paul reveals WWE plans amidst CryptoZoo controversy

By Olivia Richman


Jan 22, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

As is the way for influencers, it looks like Logan Paul is slipping past the whole illegal crypto scam where he stole money from fans and is now looking forward to his career in WWE.

Late last year, it came to light that Paul had never gone through with his CryptoZoo project, causing fans and investors to lose millions on NFTs. As the community began to scrutinize the controversial figure, his concerning behavior with animals was also brought to the forefront. But now it looks like Paul has come out on top of the drama once again.

This time, Paul has started discussing his future with the WWE. He joined the organization in 2022 and has even been featured in some big events. But Paul said in a recent YouTube video that this is just the beginning of his wrestling career.

What is Logan Paul going to do in the WWE?

Paul entered the WWE in traditional over-the-top fashion. He joined in April of 2022 and debuted at one of the most iconic wrestling events, WrestleMania.

At WrestleMania, Paul joined The Miz to take down the Mysterio Brothers. But The Miz revealed plans to betray Paul, a WWE storyline that lasted until Paul’s next fight at SummerSlam. His performance won him a headline fight at the 2022 Crown Jewel. It seems like Paul may have found his true calling.

Paul recently released a video called “2022: The Best Year Of My Life,” which has comments turned off. The video had highlights of his past year — largely focused on WWE and not CryptoZoo, of course — and also went into his plans for 2023 and beyond.

Paul thanked his fans for their support as he pursued a career in WWE. He said that he never expected this journey to be a part of his life, but he’s fallen in love with the scene.

“I’m really excited for how much I can grow in the WWE. I think I just scratched the surface in terms of what I’m capable of. That’s going to be awesome,” Paul said.

While he ended 2022 with an injured knee, it looks like Paul is hoping to jump back into wrestling even harder. He noted that recovery is “going well,” so fans should expect to see more of Paul on pay-per-view in the near future. For now, Paul will have to deal with the aftermath of his latest scam, which has many people in the crypto community frustrated.

Logan Paul apologizes for CryptoZoo

While Paul initially claimed he was going to sue YouTuber Coffeezilla for uncovering his CryptoZoo scam, Paul has since taken it back and even apologized.

But on Paul’s Discord, many CryptoZoo investors have been dealing with the aftermath of the scam. While Paul offered some initial solutions for investors, like a $1.3 million refund plan for anyone who purchased NFTs, a lot of the small details left fans frustrated. He also promised to finish CryptoZoo, urging investors to hold onto the NFTs until they are worth more later on.

Paul also told fans that it was their own fault that they invested in $ZOO, and that it wasn’t “his decision.” It should be noted, however, that Paul promised fans that CryptoZoo would earn them money if they invested $ZOO into the game’s NFTs.

“I will no longer be the scapegoat for anyone’s financial decisions,” Paul wrote to fans on Discord.

Coffeezilla said that Paul views himself as the “victim,” not seeming to feel bad that fans had their money stolen even though they only invested after being convinced by Paul himself. Paul also went on Twitter to claim that “the Matrix is real,” seeming to have taken a page from Andrew Tate’s book.