Logan Paul pig

Logan Paul explains pig situation after animal abuse accusations

By Olivia Richman


Jan 10, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

While an ongoing crypto scam is the main topic of controversy surrounding YouTuber Logan Paul, his mistreatment of animals has also come under fire after a video resurfaced of him rehoming a pig.

Fellow YouTuber Ethan “H3H3” Klein recently created a video scrutinizing Paul for abusing animals. In the video, H3H3 reacted to a video from an animal rescue organization that appeared to have received a mistreated pig formally owned by Paul called Pearl.

The Gentle Barn stated that Pearl was found alone in a field next to a dead pig. The pig had been through “a lot of trauma” and appeared to have some health issues. The Gentle Barn also said that Pearl was adopted by an influencer, who was not named. She was then irresponsibly rehomed, “abandoned and scared.”

H3H3 donated to the organization in honor of Paul’s “dying career.” While Paul was already under fire for scamming fans, H3H3 noted that nobody would tolerate animal abuse. He said that it should have been Paul’s responsibility once he purchased the pig and that he should have picked a home where they were “cherished and loved every day.”

Logan Paul has a history of abusing pets, H3H3 claims

Logan Paul got 6 million views on his initial video adopting the pig. But when he broke up with his then-girlfriend, Paul also gave away the pig. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only time Paul has mistreated animals on camera.

In another video H3H3 showed, Paul could be seen aggressively handling koi fish from his pond. As the fish struggled to breathe, Paul just let it lay on the ground. This moment was very “unsettling” to H3H3. In the same video, Paul tasered a dead rat, an infamous controversial moment that people have been angry about for years.

Later on, Paul had his colorful parrot named Maverick eaten by his dog, Kong. This was already seen as irresponsible since a parrot shouldn’t have been left alone with a dog. Shockingly, the dog was then attacked and killed by a coyote.

“There are so many coyotes in the area he lives in. It’s overrun in coyotes. Once the sun goes down, the coyotes come out and you know you can’t leave a pet unattended. It’s just a known fact,” H3H3 said.

The video of Paul mourning Kong also had millions of views.

“How many pets is this guy allowing to be killed, negligently letting be killed? The callousness is just nuts. When you add all this up — with all the scamming and stuff too — you get the picture of a really dangerous psychopath,” H3H3 said in the video.

Logan Paul responds to pig abuse accusations

Logan Paul caught wind of the controversy as H3H3’s video started to trend online. He was facing a lot of backlash over giving away his pig, causing Paul to discuss the matter on Twitter.

On January 10, Paul explained that Pearl was rehomed to an “amazing ranch” that he visited beforehand. This happened when he moved to Puerto Rico, since he wasn’t able to bring the animal with him. She lived there for 10 months before the owner sold the ranch and she was rehomed “without my knowledge” to the farmer across the street.

“This is an incredibly heartbreaking situation, I had Pearl for two years,” Paul said.

H3H3 has continued to criticize Paul, stating that he shouldn’t be running CryptoZoo when he can’t keep animals alive in real life.

“It’s not enough to kill real animals. You have to go and kill the digital animals too, man…” Klein said.