Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat responds after his friend was accused of sexual assault at a party

By Olivia Richman


Jan 7, 2023

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Being the publicist for Kai Cenat is a full-time job. Just moments after a few other controversies, Cenat is back in the spotlight. This time, a woman claims she was raped at a party she was at with the young Twitch streamer.

Jovi Pena, a TikTok influencer with 120,000 followers, claimed she was raped at a party that Cenat invited her to. Pena claimed that a man named Djigui Seck raped her while she was asleep in bed after Cenat told her to go upstairs to rest.

“He told me I’d be safer upstairs since I was drunk and nobody would bother me,” Pena said at the time. “However, after I fell asleep, I thought I was safe due to their security and Kai’s confirmation.”

Pena said the man was a “complete stranger” and has since come forward with the accusations on social media. According to Pena, she was invited to the party by “someone I thought to be a friend,” but nothing happened when she “asked for help.” This led her to share Sack’s information on social media instead.

Pena said: “I don’t believe Kai is to blame. However, he was involved whether you agree or not. It’s just a fact. He’s the only person I knew at this party and he’s the one who told me to go upstairs where everything occurred.”

Kai Cenat responds to Jovi Pena accusations

While Cenat wasn’t directly involved with the alleged sexual assault, Pena tweeted that he was supposed to be a trusted friend who supported her. But Pena claimed that when she called him after the incident, she got “no answer.”

On January 7, Cenat made a response to the situation on Twitch.

According to Cenat, he was throwing a party for New Year, and that’s where he met Pena. He said he didn’t know her before the New Year’s Eve celebration. As for Seck, Cenat said they attended high school together, and it’s someone he “knows personally.”

Cenat stated that he doesn’t condone “any sexual activity without consent” and went to the police as soon as Pena informed him of the situation. But the reason he didn’t respond to Pena directly is that his legal team instructed him not to contact her.

“I’ve been accused of this being set up, and I knew what was going on. Negative. Negative. That’s disgusting. That’s the reason why I’m kinda mad… I don’t know s— that went down that night,” Cenat told his fans.

Cenat continued to claim that he told Pena he’d help her and even confronted his friend Seck. But when he approached Seck, he was “legitimately confused” by the allegations. Despite denying what he may have done, Cenat said he still removed himself from both Seck and Pena as instructed by his legal team and lawyers.

For now, Kai Cenat told his fans not to harass Pena or interact with her on social media. Luckily most of the responses under her initial post have been met with support. Many people have expressed sympathy for Pena over the situation.

Cenat said he would keep fans updated on his side of the situation.


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