Adin Ross drama

Adin Ross criticized after IShowSpeed threatens assault on guest

By Olivia Richman


Dec 13, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Controversial Twitch streamer Adin Ross has been hosting an online dating show for some time now, but the most recent E-Date stream had many in the streaming community horrified after streamer Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins threatened to assault another guest on the show, Ashaley “Ash Kaashh.”

During the last E-Date episode, IShowSpeed asked Ash Kaashh if she would procreate with him if they were the last two people on earth. Ash Kaashh seemed put off by the question, stating that she wouldn’t want to because it would result in the offspring inbreeding to continue the human race. In response, IShowSpeed leaned toward the camera and said, “Who is gonna stop me?”

Ash Kaashh responded, “I will.”

But IShowSpeed raised his voice and kept insisting that nobody would be able to stop him since they were the only two people left on earth. The other E-Date participants stopped laughing as IShowSpeed started to scream it even louder, ultimately causing Ross to tell him to “chill out.”

Even though Ross ended up muting IShowSpeed after the incident, he joined the Discord room again during the same show to continue aggressing onto Ash Kaashh. He began using slurs and other sexist language towards Ash Kaashh until Ross kicked him out again.

“Speed is crazy for that. I don’t even know how he got in here. Sorry about that Ash,” Ross said.

But IShowSpeed has used the same rape joke in the past with other women. This behavior is not a surprise to IShowSpeed’s friends, including Ross. While most of the outrage at IShowSpeed’s behavior was directed at IShowSpeed himself, some questioned why Ross would have him on the show to begin with. Others made note of how long Ross allowed him to continue his rants before stopping him.

IShowSpeed and Adin Ross under fire after Ash Kaashh is threatened on stream

The triggering moment in Ross’ dating show ended up going viral, spreading all over various social media platforms as a clip. In the clip, IShowSpeed is shown threatening Ash Kaashh with rape while she rolls her eyes and looks visibly frustrated with the behavior.

As the clip gained momentum, many pointed out that IShowSpeed has said similarly questionable things to other women in the past under the guise of a “joke.” He has also made similar threats in his rap music.

A lot of people responded to IShowSpeed’s behavior by calling him “corny” and “mentally ill.” While many of his fans stood up for him by explaining the “humor” behind the “joke,” the streaming community at large was concerned with IShowSpeed harassing Ash Kaashh so intensely.

In response to the situation, Ash Kaashh retweeted other rape threats she has received. Ash Kaashh said men will joke about raping her on the internet “every single day.” While some people may think it’s funny, Ash Kaashh said it’s “dumb weird.”

“It’s exhausting that I have that ‘I’m used to it’ mindset just to get through the day,” Ash Kaashh said.