Kai Cenat

Kai Cenat subathon full of controversy but no Twitch ban

By Olivia Richman


Feb 25, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

Kai Cenat tried to do a good deed but instantly regretted it.

Kai Cenat is a month into his subathon, which he has called Mafiathon. The subathon has been full of action, including a trip to Universal Studios with Felix “xQc” Lengyel. All of the skits and outings paid off, pushing Cenat past the 200K subs mark.

To celebrate the momentous Twitch record, Cenat decided to gift 100 subs to a smaller streamer. Unfortunately, this didn’t go as wholesomely as Cenat initially hoped.

Kai Cenat immediately regrets supporting Mikeyluvs

During the Mafiathon, Cenat decided to share the love with some smaller creators. He found a Twitch streamer named Mikeyluvs and gave him 100 subs, a nearly $500 gift. This may sound like a cute moment, but the situation quickly turned dark.

When Mikeyluvs first saw the massive donation, he couldn’t contain his shock. But when he realized it was Kai Cenat who had been behind the good deed after calming down, the small streamer immediately brought up a recent controversy.

“Wait hold up, wasn’t a girl just jerking him off? A girl was just jerking him off, bruh. Cut it out,” Mikeyluvs said.

In typical Cenat fashion, the big streamer yelled out in agony before leaving Mikeyluvs’ stream. He then let out an exasperated sigh, the joy sucked right out of him.

Did Kai Cenat perform sexual acts on Twitch?

Clips have gone viral from a recent stream where it appears Kai Cenat is getting sexually touched underneath a table at a restaurant. The woman sitting next to him appears to have her arm subtly moving up and down. Meanwhile, Cenat’s expressions are quite suspicious.

It has not been proven that Cenat was actually doing something sexual on stream, but the clip has been shared all over by people who feel it’s undeniable. Some have claimed you can see that the woman’s hand is in his pants based on a reflection. The female influencer featured on the stream has also not denied the situation.

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The stream had over 100K viewers, most of which are young kids. Critics wondered why he would risk ruining his record-breaking subathon just to get a handjob. But some feel that Cenat is being protected by Twitch, similar to the treatment other large creators like xQc and Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa get thanks to the substantial amount of money they make for Twitch.

On Reddit, the streaming community pointed out that the handjob wasn’t the only questionable incident during the month-long subathon. Other moments seemed like blatant violations of the streaming platform’s Terms of Service, including a woman flashing her breasts, Cenat talking to permabanned creator IShowSpeed, and the use of homophobic language.

Has Kai Cenat been banned from Twitch?

Kai Cenat was banned from Twitch in January, 2023, most likely from appearing high on stream after eating edibles. The reason has never been officially confirmed.

Since then, Cenat has remained unscathed from Twitch’s controversial ban hammer despite all of the ongoing accusations against him during the subathon. The most recent suggestive clip was deleted from Twitch, but many don’t think that’s enough to keep him out of trouble.

“You may not show or promote explicit, simulated, or implied self or mutual masturbation, including groping or caressing genitals,” read Twitch’s Terms of Service.

For now, Cenat is still safe to complete his subathon. But the community is growing frustrated with the amount of violations Twitch seems to be willfully ignoring.