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Jett will be a hard counter to Fade despite nerfs in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 27, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Fade isn’t even officially out yet, and Jett players have already whipped up a counter for her pull. The duelist can turn Fade’s Seize into a tool to facilitate a superdash. 

As if Jett’s recent nerfs weren’t alarming enough for the player, Riot has introduced a new agent that may lock her speedwalking. Fade comes with a tether that restricts the movement of anyone within its radius, even if it’s speedy agents Neon or Jett. The agent trailer was worrisome for the players who relied on mobility. However, Jett players have bypassed the Fade kit. 

The top concern of all Valorant players after watching the Fade trailer was escaping her Seize. Smart Jett players have already found a way. But if you main a different agent, you might try seeking the help of a coach through Metafy to learn to better counter Fade. 

New Jett superdash helps escape Fade 

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Superdashing is one of the most annoying things that can happen in Valorant. Jett can hop to high spots and cover unreal distances within a blink. While everyone thought Fade would change that, Jett is actually exploiting her Seize to boost speed. 

This new combination was demonstrated by a player named R9 Reaper, who showed that Fade’s ability isn’t only avoidable, but it can help Jett dash higher.

Fade’s Seize works like a bungee cord that keeps players from walking too far out of its AOE. The thing is that the elasticity allows Jett to combine her Tailwind and Updraft to escape the pull and dash high into the sky.

By pressing E within the Seize and then drafting forward, the agent uses the rubber band effect to pick up loads of speed for the rebound. If timed properly, Jett can then use Updrafts while being pulled back to the center in order to triple-jump across the map. 

Using this hack, Jett can also rotate quickly towards other sides and hop onto elevated areas. However, she won’t be able to use this tactic frequently as it only works when the enemy Fade uses Seize on her. This isn’t a strategy that can be used offensively, but it guarantees Jett can survive a Seize and potentially use it for increased mobility. 

It’s a tool that can also be used defensively, as other agents won’t be able to reliably escape Seize. Jett will be able to maneuver to a position to potentially secure a trade when enemies move in on the tethered agents. 

Other strategies to counter Fade will likely emerge in the near future. Coaching sites like Metafy can help figure out the new agent and provide tricks to handle her in competitive games. 

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