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The Jett super dash exploit is back in Valorant on Ascent

By Fariha Bhatti


Mar 17, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Super dashes are back in Valorant with this new Sage and Jett combination. This deadly trick turns Ascent into a lion’s den. 

Jett is the top-tier agent in Valorant, making her a menace to play against. As if her kit isn’t already beyond viable, the agent brings a new overpowered exploit in each patch. Super dashes aren’t an intentional part of Jett’s kit, and Riot has removed plenty. However, Jett has returned with a mobility tactic that shoots her to the sky. 

Multiple super dashes have been found throughout Valorant’s life. Sometimes the agent can reach unusually high vantage points by pressing herself to objects and then updrafting. She can sometimes reach unplayable areas. This new exploit requires Sage’s assistance to eradicate attackers on Ascent. 

New Sage and Jett exploit is too OP 

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The new Jett super dash on Ascent’s B site exposes crucial angles and keeps enemies in the dark about Jett’s location. It’s overpowered and easily replicable. 

This exploit starts on Ascent’s mid-market. Sage must invest in a Barrier Orb to boost Jett up in the air. The wind ranger must run into Sage’s wall before updrafting. A second updraft would provide a clear peek into the top-mid, A short and open middle area. On knives, Jett can be invincible while executing this exploit.

A player named Zennylava recreated the superdash on exploit but used it a bit differently. The player hovered in the air for long seconds before landing on the ground, gathering intel without revealing their position. The enemy couldn’t spot the flying Jett due to the off-angle. This trick works best on Jett’s ultimate or when she has a shotgun. The huddled enemies in Ascent’s B can quickly be killed from this unpredictable mid-air spot. 

This is undoubtedly a major exploit that may get patched up soon. Even though it requires Sage’s assistance, it’s still pretty viable. Using this trick, Jett can garner an unfair amount of intel even if she fails to land a kill. This imbalance makes it a powerful exploit that should soon land on the developer’s radar. 

What’s a Jett super dash in Valorant?  

A Jett super dash is a bug that provides Jett with incredible speed using her Tailwind and Updraft abilities. Riot patches new super dashes out of the game quickly, but new ones keep getting found.