Jett overpowered

Valorant fans demanding nerfs for Jett after VCT dominance

By Olivia Richman


Sep 19, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant fans want to see Jett nerfed before the Valorant Champions Tour Finals in December.

VCT Masters: Berlin was an exceptional event that showcased top teams from all over the world. It also shined a light on the game’s evolving meta and the most popular agents for competitive play. One agent stood out to fans, and that’s the omnipresent Jett.

One of five duelists in Valorant, Jett had an 84% pick rate compared to the next duelist, who was picked just 28% of the time. It’s clear that top players prefer to have Jett as part of their team composition due to her focus on aggressive gunplay. Jett uses her movement abilities to dash in and out of fights safely, an ideal kit for pros with incredible aim. She can also find effective locations that surprise opponents, reaching places that other agents can’t.

Should Jett be nerfed after VCT Masters: Berlin?

While it’s entertaining to watch a top player wreak havoc with Jett, fans still feel that she highlights the problems with the current meta. Jett’s pick rate and performance in Berlin showed that Jett was “overpowered,” according to some fans. It seemed that any player who picked up Jett essentially performed well automatically, making the opposing team’s strategy all about playing around Jett.

This isn’t the first time there has been significant chatter about Jett nerfs. Competitive players and pros alike have voiced concern with Jett since Valorant’s initial launch. She has been a top pick early throughout Valorant’s existence and still remains a must-have on most teams. On LAN, Jett is seen as even stronger due to her knives having less lag and more accuracy while she moves and jumps around opponents. This was made even more clear during the Berlin tournament.

Some Valorant fans said that Riot will most likely not do anything to majorly change the agent, but that didn’t stop others from offering some ideas, like making her abilities more expensive or requiring more kills before she can use her knives. Most fans agreed that Jett shouldn’t be completely nerfed since it would cause her to possibly never get used at all.

So far, Riot hasn’t addressed concerns over the agent’s high pick rate and hasn’t hinted that there are Jett nerfs coming. It’s highly unlikely that Riot would make such major changes before the Finals.