Split bug creates a new vantage point for Jett and Raze

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 17, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

An old exploit has returned to Valorant that buffs Jett and Raze’s kit drastically.

The movement duelists Jett and Raze can gain you an edge over enemies with their ability to hoist themselves on unexpected positions. However, some areas are just unfair to use. This powerful bug is an excellent example as it allows the duo to get on a higher spot on Split.

Since the game’s release, Riot Games has paid attention to all active bugs and rolled out fixes promptly. While some are game-breaking, others are minor glitches that can be turn out to be vital in high ranked games. However, some bugs are so stealthy they appear to be part of game mechanics. This one certainly seems like one that belongs to the third category.

The roof in front of A towers is the culprit that’s providing defenders with an unfair high point. Valorant players have discovered that they can now boost up to a higher position on the Split map using Jett’s updraft and Raze’s satchel. This area was unreachable previously, but players can jump on the vantage point after the new patch update.

By updrafting with Jett, defenders can catch enemies pushing in by surprise as they won’t be expecting an agent scouting from the top. While getting on this spot is easier with Jett, Raze mains will have to invest princely satchels and learn some movement tricks. However, this exploit is powerful enough to tempt the higher ranks players to spend some time in customs to master the trick.

Jett and Raze bug not new to Valorant

This isn’t a new bug. The Jett boost glitch on Split was first noted in Project: A, but the developer quickly patched it up. However, it seems that the accidental agent buff has returned with the new map Fracture. The developer hasn’t yet commented on the glitch, but players are hoping it has returned as a permanent game mechanic and not a bug.

A similar issue was also discovered on Icebox, where Jett can now get on Valorant’s one of the highest spots. Luckily, these spots are too OP but highly tricky to reach. However, there seems to be an ongoing issue with the game’s high points, and the developer might roll out a fix soon. Till then, be wary of tall buildings and watch out for the movement duo of Jett and Raze.