Harbor's ability

How do Harbor’s water-based abilities work in Valorant?

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

After months of anticipation, Harbor is finally here, along with his tidal waves and a bullet-ricocheting Cove. 

Valorant agent 21 is officially here after escaping the cunning claws of Captain Greaves, who was after a priceless cuff. Who rightfully owns the bracelet still remains a mystery, but we do know why both Earths were after it. The magical artifact supplies water-based powers to the wearer, allowing them to bend the natural element at will. That’s precisely what Harbor does, but his style is a bit complicated. 

Harbor is equipped with Cascade, Cove, Hightide, and his ultimate Reckoning. Here’s how Harbor’s abilities work in Valorant. 

All of Harbor’s abilities in Valorant explained

Harbor’s Cascade is a waterfall, precisely what it’s named after. Upon casting, a small wall appears that moves forward and only stops when you repress the equip key. Using this ability, Harbor can block the sight of enemies. It also keeps them away because those who come in contact with Cascade will be briefly slowed. The wall stays up for five seconds when stationary and can travel up to 35 meters. 

Cove is the star of Harbor’s kit and his second basic ability. At the cost of 350 creds, the agent can block off enemies’ bullets and block their vision. Cove is destructible, but it’s still pretty powerful during eco rounds when players don’t have a Vandal or an Operator to break down the glass dome quickly. For 15 seconds, Cove covers 4.5 meters of area, which is enough to defuse or plant the Spike. 

High Tide is Harbor’s signature, so it’s free. It’s similar to Viper’s Toxic Screen except the agent can control its direction with the mouse. It’s also a vision blocker that slows down enemies that come into contact. High Tide stays up for 12 seconds but restocks in 40 seconds. So, it’s best to use it at the beginning of the round.  

Harbor Valorant

Finally, Harbor’s sentinel-style ultimate pins enemies out of their hiding spots while concussing them like a true initiator. The agent takes the shape of a dangerous hybrid when Recokining is activated at seven ult points. Within 24 meters, all enemies are located and concussed for two seconds. 

So far, Harbor is relatively powerful yet balanced. Some complain that he’s a lousy controller but a viable hybrid. Whether Harbor is good for ranked grind or not will only become clear after he’s adjusted into the protocol in a few weeks.