Harbor's Cove

Harbor’s stubborn Cove is destructible, here’s how to counter it

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 18, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Harbor’s bulletproof bubble stands out from the rest of his water-based kit for its potency, but Cove comes with an easy counter. 

Harbor’s action-packed teaser featured abilities powered by a cuff that appeared overpowered at first glance. In actuality, Valorant agent 21 is pretty well-balanced. The water bender harnesses energy from a rare artifact on his wrist to aggress enemies and keep them at bay. While the rest of his kit is nothing special, players were notably rattled by the Cove, which blocks shots. 

Harbor’s Cove, or water bubble, isn’t precisely a smoke. Instead, it consumes bullet shots and creates a globe around Harbor for protection. It may seem overpowered on the surface, but there’s an easy counter to Cove. 

It turns out, Harbor’s Cove ricochets bullets, but it’s not completely invincible. Valorant agents can destroy the water bubble using their abilities or weapons, as the glass dome’s mechanics are similar to Sage’s Barrier Orb. 

How to destroy Harbor’s Cove? 

Harbor’s bubble can be destroyed by three Vandal bullets and approximately four Operator shots. Weapons and bullets are the only cure to the stubborn Cove, but it becomes a force to be reckoned with in eco rounds.

Players can counter Habor’s bubble with a heavy-duty rifle or an SMG. But it becomes a true menace in save or eco rounds. That’s when Valorant’s ability vs. ability gimmick comes in. Harbor’s water bubble isn’t invincible to agent utility. For example, Raze’s satchel or grenades can break down the globe even on rounds when you’re equipped with cheap pistols. 

Another way to destroy Harbor’s Cove is by slicing it with a knife. But, unlike with guns, you only need a few knife scratches to tear through the bubble. Simply put, there is not one but many ways to neutralize Harbor’s stubborn Cove that is currently the star of his water-based tool kit. 

Harbor launches on October 18th with a shiny new battle pass and a new skin bundle.