Harbor Valorant

Here’s your first look at Valorant agent 21, Harbor

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The upcoming Valorant agent is named Harbor, according to a credible leaker. Here’s your first look at the Indian water bender.

Valorant’s 21st agent is a water-based controller who’s a former Realm employee. While his background and origin were in the open, his name was still unknown. Players know him as Varun Batra, Mage, water bender, and whatnot. But a recent media file may have dropped the official name tag of agent 21.

Teasers for Harbor have been revealed

Riot Games was quite generous with the leaks today, dropping two teasers for the upcoming agent. The second clip has an attractive title, which leakers believe is agent 21’s name. The teaser is called Harbor Teaser 2. gif.

Along with the name, ValorLeaks has also provided a first look at Harbor. The leak includes only the headshot of the upcoming agent, but it’s enough to have players buzzing. Harbor has a smart haircut, a clean beard, and dark ear studs to go with the mustache.

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The first clip, on October 10th, featured a Kingdom-themed aircraft flying over a Punjabi Dhaba. While there wasn’t much to glean in the colorful clip besides the point that Varun is in India, the second teaser is loaded with intel. A GIF of what appears to be a motorbike is dubbed Harbor, leading leakers to confirm its agent 21’s official name.

If so, Harbor will join the controller roster in Valorant with a unique smoke screen. Leaked images about Harbor showed agents shooting at a wall that appeared to be a massive oceanic wave. There are tiny sparks where bullets connect with the tide, suggesting that Varun might be able to thwart an attack.

Besides the precise details about his kit, everything is out in the public eye. According to the emails and voice notes, Varun Batra is a fugitive of Realm who’s hiding with a crucial artifact. In addition, Fade has previously revealed Harbor’s identity as the “keeper of Legion’s power source,” which is something that Realm is likely also after.

The Valorant agent 21 release date isn’t anytime soon, so players may want to hold their horses. If we’re to take a rough guess, the agent may join the squad in the latter half of October 2022.