Valorant Radiant Entertainment System

Radiant Entertainment System is Valorant’s most expensive bundle

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 25, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Radiant Entertainment System may be a bit over the top for some, but it’s definitely up there with the Spectrum bundle as one of the best Valorant skin collections. 

Riot Games has unveiled Valorant’s third Ultra bundle, and it’s worth all the wait. The retro arcade-style bundle has music, pizzazz, and animations, but it’s not cheap. It’s Valorant’s most expensive bundle to date. Riot has lifted the curtain on Radiant Entertainment System, and players love it. 

The colorful, upbeat, and stylish Radiant Entertainment bundle was earlier leaked as an Arcade collection. Now, it’s officially out in the open, bearing a hefty price tag. 

Valorant Radiant Entertainment System comes for the following weapons.

  • Ghost
  • Bullgod
  • Phantom
  • Operator
  • Radiant Entertainment System Power Fist (melee) 

Radiant Entertainment System is easily one of the most unique bundles so far in Valorant. Besides over the top visuals, the weapons have music that starts with a button press, Gameboy keys, a cassette slot, elaborate finishers with KO figures, and more. The knife turns into a little gaming device upon animation as well, which is also pretty cool. 

Here are the three variants for the melee.

  • Bazooka Badger – Blue – Claw melee, unique kill banner, finisher, screen effects (pixel badger with its back to the player), visual effects, and music.
  • Disco Fever – Purple – Controller melee, unique kill banner, finisher, screen effects (Dance Dance Revolution-style floor prompts), visual effects, and music.
  • K.nock O.ut! – Orange – Fist melee, unique kill banner, finisher, screen effects (Street Fighter-style character punches for each shot), visual effects, and music.

These color variants also apply to weapons with the three different tunes of Bazooka Badger, Disco Fever, and K.nock O.out. The music is also different for each finisher. 

Radiant Entertainment System price 

The gun bundle is definitely a “banger,” but it’s jaw-droppingly expensive. Radiant Entertainment System is Valorant’s priciest collection so far at $125 or 11,900 Valorant Points. This includes five skins, three gun buddies, three cards, and three sprays. 

Visually, you do get a bang for your buck, but some may feel skeptical before spending a big amount on virtual items that can’t be traded off and will sit in their inventory after Riot rolls out a better skin collection. In any case, they are a visual treat. 

Radiant Entertainment System will be released on April 25, 2023 with patch 6.08