Valorant Arcade Bundle teased

By Nicholas James


Apr 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

The next Valorant Arcade Bundle has been teased, causing a lot of intrigue with skin collectors. Here’s what fans should be able to expect from the latest Valorant skin bundle.

Arcade is one of Valorant’s many fan-beloved skin lines, inspired by the red and white Super Nintendo-style aesthetic of retro gaming. Reminiscent of an old-school arcade shooter’s equipment, the line has been a hit with players of the game.

Fans of the skin line will be delighted to hear that a new line of Arcade-like skins is coming to Valorant, and that they’ll be here soon.

Valorant Arcade skins coming

A new set of Valorant Arcade skins are coming, though supposedly they won’t be called Arcade skins. In a teaser, Riot Games published a video of Gekko, the new Valorant agent, opening up a dusty old box.

According to community leaker ValorLeaks, this is a teaser for the next step in the Arcade skins. ValorLeaks noted that the skins wouldn’t be called Arcade upon their release, but that they would be themed around different arcade machines that appear through the maps on Valorant.

It’s unclear exactly what this means for the unified aesthetic of the skins, but ValorLeaks has been a reliable source of information when it comes to upcoming Valorant content.

There’s no release date for the next incarnation of the Arcade aesthetic, but the footage should mean that it’s coming sooner rather than later. The box that Gekko is pulling open seems to be a childhood collection of gaming memorabilia, which would fit the aesthetic of the previous skins well. For now, fans of the retro gaming look will have to wait for official details to come from Riot Games about these cosmetics.

Valorant fans have plenty to be excited about, from the beta of in-game competitions with Premier, to new skin lines yet to be released.