All Phantom skins in Valorant

Here’s every Phantom skin in Valorant and how much they cost

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 29, 2021

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Riot Games has rolled out exquisite skins for each weapon in Valorant that make the experience a whole lot better. The Phantom has over 25 skins, and we’ve compiled them into one place. 

Valorant’s Phantom is often preferred over its counterpart Vandal for smooth spray potential. The gun deals heavy damage in close-range duels, and its one-taps are also not too bad. The Phantom is deadly, but why not have yours wrapped in colorful skins with a dash of satisfying sound effects?

The primary rifle has 29 skins divided into four tiers and battle passes. Each skin comes at a different price and has unique features. Here’s all you need to know about each Phantom skin in Valorant.

All exclusive Phantom skins in Valorant 

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There are a total of five Phantom skins in the “exclusive” family. This is the second-highest tier in Valorant and features some of the most expensive bundles. All limited-edition cosmetics are released into this category with a price between 1,775 and 2,675 Valorant points for each gun skin. 


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The Spectrum bundle was a combined effort of Riot and popular artist DJ Zedd. This was one of the most successful and expensive Valorant bundles as it was Riot’s first collaboration with an artist. The Phantom skin blew up among fans for its satisfying sound effects, custom-made by Zedd. A kaleidoscopic light show as kill animation added tons to its value. 

Price: The Spectrum Phantom is the most expensive skin for the rifle at 2,675 VP. However, the three animated variants make up for their high cost. 


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Singularity skins also belong to the higher level within the exclusive tier. The dark-themed electric Phantom costs 2,175 VP and has red, purple, and blue variants. Each variant has a lit-up pipe going through the metal body and an electric circuit coiled around it. The Singularity Phantom has a light feel and electrifying sound animation. 

Price: Singularity Phantom costs 2,175 VP


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Ruination was also a massive hit among the fans of players who like Riot’s MOBA, League of Legends. The collection was released as part of Riot Games’ Sentinels of Light event, based on Viego’s return to Runeterra. The Phantom was on the darker side, as opposed to Sentinels of Light skins that would soon follow. 

Price: The Ruination Phantom costs 2,175 VP and has its own VFX finisher. The three red, purple, and green variants have unique sound elements that make shooting smoother. 


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Glitchpop is Valorant’s most colorful and popular skin line. The first version of the neon skins received tons of appreciation from the players, leading the developer to roll out 2.0. 

Price: Three variants of Glitchpop cost 2,175 VP. 


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Pink prop guns entered Valorant in a brightly packed BlastX bundle. The bright green and pink Phantom shoots visible pallets that make aiming a tad bit easier. BlastX Phantom’s Black, Yellow, Pink variants, a gift box finisher, and unique sound element cost 2,175 VP. The skins are also upgradeable if you like your Phantom wrapped in bright paper. 

Price: With its own VFX finisher and arcade sound elements, BlastX Phantom is priced at 2,175 VP.

All premium Valorant Phantom skins 

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The premium family has nine Phantom skins, and almost all are highly sought-after in Valorant. This tier is perfect for players who appreciate a good sound element but will pass on the over-the-top animations. Premium skins are usually priced at 1,775 VP. 

Valorant GO! Vol. 1

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Valorant GO! Vol. 1 is one of the minimal, less flashy skins. Despite that, players quickly cop this skin from the store as it features agent art. The Reyna-themed Phantom doesn’t have distracting animations, but it sure looks fierce in the hands of the duelist. 

Price: For 1,775, players get an agent-themed skin. 


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Artsy, creative, and dark, the Spike Phantom is owned by very few players, likely because it doesn’t have any mind-bending lore or theme to it. The wiry skins are available in beautiful gradient colors of blue, pink, green, and red. 

Price: The crystal-encrusted skins bear a 1,775 VP price tag. 


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The Recon Phantom was the first Valorant skin to have Randomizers that add one of three attachments to the weapon. These are only cosmetic changes and have no impact on gameplay, but players loved this small visual detail. 

Price: The olive drab skins have three variants and cost 1,775 VP.

Radiant Crisis 001

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Riot Games took animated skins to a new level with Radiant Crisis 001. The gray Phantom may look dull from afar, but it has a loud, rackety round finisher and sound elements. The 1,775 VP skins are lined with a black marker that adds a cartoonish touch to bleak grey skins. The Radiant Crisis 001 Phantom looked pretty cool, but many competitive players passed on these skins due to distracting reload animation. 

Price: 1,775 VP with VFX finisher. 

Prime 2.0 

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The Prime 2.0 Phantom is Valorant’s most successful rifle skin so far. The sleak, gold and silver gun has a faint electrical noise animation upon shooting, making popping heads more satisfying. It has a lightweight feel to it, something that movement-freaks prefer in their weapons. 

Price: With a gold, green, and orange finisher, Prime 2.0 Phantom comes at an affordable price of 1,775 VP. 


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Oni’s soft sound elements are the ultimate favorite of spray-lovers in Valorant. The Japanese-themed skins have an Oni mask attached to the guns, adding a fierce look to the otherwise subtle Phantom. When upgraded, the mask releases a colored smoke, which looks pretty cool in highlight-worthy plays. 

Price: The three Phantom variants and a custom VFX finisher come for 1,775 VP. 


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Riot Games brought translucent skins to Valorant with the dreamy Nebula Phantom. The gun depicts a galaxy studded with stars falling through the sky. This visually pleasant skin is one of the oldest in Valorant but has no variant or finisher. 

Price: Nebula Phantom costs 1,775 VP. 


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Ion is one of the most sought-after Phantom skins due to its unique, stark color and contrasting black barrel and handle. The electro Phantom makes a glitchy noise upon inspect and has a lightweight feel similar to Prime 2.0. The Ion Phantom has no variants, but players prefer it over others due to its satisfying headshot potential. 

Price: The Ion Phantom costs 1,775 VP. 


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Evident from the name, the Celestial Phantom is themed on otherworldly objects and materials. The gold-colored skin has animated meteors on a muted background. Celestial Phantom is quite rare in Valorant as few players bought this skin due to its lack of variants and animations. 

Price: The Celestial Phantom costs 1.775 VP. 

All Deluxe phantom skins 

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Deluxe skins are plain, old guns that have minimal animations and sound effects. They are affordable for 1,275 VP per skin. Most of the skins in the deluxe tier have translucent exteriors playing a slightly animated scenic view inside the glass. 


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The Avalanche Phantom is based on ice and crystals. The skin has a solid exterior, but it seems glass-like from afar. The body is filled with a crystaline material with blue hues, which adds a luxurious touch to a rather cheap gun. The Avalanche Phantom has no kill finisher or sound element, which is why some players might prefer it in high-stake games.

Price: The Avalanche Phantom belongs to the deluxe tier and comes for 1,257 VP. 


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The Minima Phantom is likely one of the least-popular skins in Valorant due to its unorthodox design. The gun drew instant criticism as players accused Riot of selling a low-effort skin like the default Phantom. However, some players still grabbed the weapon as it got trendy after the backlash. The Minima has no finishers or variants. It’s matte black and shoots like any other Valorant gun. 

Price: The Minima Phantom is priced at 1,275 VP. 


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Prism is often picked by players who are looking for a minimal skin with unique color range. The gradient skin illuminates purple color upon inspection and movement, which sets it apart from its other Deluxe tiers. It has a nice stealthy appearance and pairs well agents like Yoru, Kay/O, and Omen.

Price: Prism is priced at 1,275 VP.


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Riot Games brought back the translucent body in Silvanus’ blue hues. The crystal Phantom has a glass-like body with mysterious blue scenery locked inside. It’s slightly animated but doesn’t have sound effects. 

Price: The Silvanus Phantom has no variants and costs 1,275 VP. 


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Snowfall Phantom was released as part of the 2022 Christmas events. The translucent skin illustrates a scenic view of Christmas evening in a snow-laden place. It’s not animated, but the glass exterior adds a luxurious touch. Players had mixed reviews regarding this Phantom as it looked exactly like 2021’s Christmas bundle. 

Price: The Snowfall comes for 1,275 VP. 


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Winterwunderland Phantom was rolled out in 2021’s Christmas collection. It was an instant hit among the players. Glass skins were still new, and players were happy that Riot Games was releasing holiday cosmetics. Winderwunderland Phantom also came without unique animation or sound features. 

Price: The Christmas Phantom is worth 1,275 VP. 

All select Phantom skins 

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Select is the lowest, cheapest Valorant skin tier. Skins in the blue circle class are affordable and look like it.

They’re not a flex, but they add a touch of color to your inventory. Players often shop these skins for less-used weapons to fill up the collection. Select Phantom skins cost 875 VP, and there are currently three in this tier. 


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These red skins are visually pleasing and minimal. A white bunny is hopping on a brick red background, adding a nice touch to the simple set. Galleria doesn’t have a glass body or animations, but it’s sold for its unique color palette and the cute bunny.

Price: Like all Select skins, Galleria bears a price tag of 875 VP.


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The Rush Phantom is also ideal for players who avoid heavy imprints and extravagant animations. This Phantom has a unique geometric pattern painted in red and white colors. The gun adds lovely color to a tedious inventory for cheap rates. 

Price: The Rush Phantom is priced at 875 VP. 


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Smite Phantom is hands down the best skin in the low Select category. This weapon has a unique thunderstorm pattern, which makes it appear much more expensive. The dark and light blue color gradient also adds a nice touch to the affordable gun. 

Price: Smite costs 875 VP. 

These are all the Phantom skins in Valorant that players can acquire from the market. However, there are a few guns that are were only attainable through a battle pass. These skins won’t appear in the market and are now stored exclusively in the inventories of those who played the pass. 

  • Aero Phantom
  • Artisan Phantom
  • Infinity Phantom
  • Kingdom Phantom
  • Lightwave Phantom
  • Serenity Phantom