Valorant Champions 2022

Here’s how to get free Valorant Champions 2022 Twitch drops

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games’ grand celebration of Valorant esports is in full swing. After unveiling the exclusive bundle, the developer has rolled out free Valorant Champions 2022 Twitch drops. 

Valorant Champions is fast approaching, and the developer is ensuring that players worldwide can celebrate it online. The year’s biggest Valorant event will include top teams hailing from different regions across the globe. Last year, Riot Games introduced a tradition to mark the occasion with a skin line that may put a strain on wallets. The highly-anticipated Champions 2022 bundle costs an arm and a leg for a mere two weapons. However, players can still partake in the celebration for free!

The VCT is going to be dropping a free gun buddy for viewers as well. Here’s how to get the free VCT Twitch drops and what you can look forward to.

How to get Champions 2022 Twitch drops

The free Twitch drops can be claimed without spending any money. Players may stack up their inventories and partake in VCT celebrations and events by just watching live streamers. To be eligible for drops enabled during VCT Champions, players must have their Valorant accounts connected with Twitch. Here’s how to link them.

  • Connect your Valorant account with YouTube or Twitch to be eligible to receive in-game rewards
  • Watch matches during the Champions broadcast and Watch Parties on Twitch.
  • Fans will be eligible to receive the free VCT goodies from August 31-September 18 just by watching.
  • The free content will be an exclusive drop during the course of the event.
Valorant Champions 2022

The Player card for VCT is free for all. All active Valorant accounts will be granted the Champions 2022 Hero player card to commemorate the second Champions event. However, unlike last year, the rewards will be dropped in intervals. Players should watch their schedules in order to get specific items. Here’s what the drops reward structure looks like.

  • “Fire” Title will be available during the live game between Aug 31 – Sept 13
  • 2022 VCT Champions Curse Spray will be available during the live game between Sept 16-17
  • 2022 VCT Champions Hero Card will be available during the live game of finals on Sept 18.

What’s in Champions 2022 bundle?

The Champions 2022 bundle is a tournament-exclusive skin line and comes at the steep price of 6,167 Valorant points. Players get a sleek butterfly knife a unique equip animation. The Phantom summons a massive trophy atop a map as kill animation, making it one of the best primary weapon skins so far. Along with these two weapons, players get VCT-exclusive goodies in the bundle.