Champions 2022 bundle

Champions 2022 bundle revealed with magical butterfly knife

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 19, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Couldn’t cop the rarest Champions 2021 skin bundle in Valorant last year? Fret not, because the new Champions 2022 bundle with its butterfly knife is worth its weight in gold.

In 2021, Riot Games introduced a new tradition to commemorate the year’s biggest Valorant esports event, VCT Champions. The Champions 2021 skins are unlike any other in the game as they are rare, costly, extravagant, and come with a sound element. However, many passed on the exquisite skin line after noticing the exorbitant price tag that surpassed the ultra tier, previously the most expensive skin class. 

Some players only realized the true worth of Champions 2021 skins long after they were gone forever. Those regretful players can now redeem themselves by buying this year’s limited-edition skins made of vibrant crystal. A first look at Champions 2022 indicates that they’ll break the stores. 

Riot unveils Champions 2022 skin bundle 

The new Champions 2022 bundle has been revealed in Valorant, commemorating the upcoming VCT event that will crown Valorant world champions for 2022. The skins will remain in store for a limited time and will never return in daily rotation or the Night. Market. The Champions 2022 will go live on August 23. 

Comparing this year’s skins with the 2021 skin bundle, it’s clear that Riot has outdone itself. The new weapons are more refined and colorful. The Phantom skin breaks out of a pink crystal, hence the sheer effect on the overall body. Golden accents add a heavenly beat to the skin, accentuated by the glowing light around it. The gun only lights up when it’s in the hold of the top fragger, just as with the Champions 2021 bundle. 

While the Phantom is undoubtedly a feast for the eyes, players have their sights locked on the crystal butterfly. Last year’s bundle had a simple karambit, but 2022’s butterfly is great. The melee is carved of a similar glowing material and has an animation worth dying for. The player carrying the butterfly will have a tiny Champions 2022 trophy equipped, visible upon animation. This special Easter egg on the butterfly knife only triggers if you’re top fragging and have at least 25 kills. This means the VFX of butterfly occupies both hands, making it unique. 

Champions 2022 bundle

The round-end animation is a stunner as it paints a massive trophy across the golden sky. However, it’s a rare occurrence, and players may have to keep playing under a clear sky just to get a clip of the effect. Still, the overall bundle is already a big hit with Valorant players and much better than last year’s Champions collection. 

How much does the Champions 2022 bundle cost? 

Champions 2022 bundle

Technically the Champions 2022 bundle falls in the exclusive category, but it’s even pricier than ultra. The collection features only two skins and will likely cost 6,167 VP, making it more expensive than any other collection, except for Spectrum. Besides the Phantom and melee, it will also have a gun buddy, a player card, and a spray.