Here’s how Messi’s Phantom skin would look in Valorant

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 20, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The FIFA World Cup fever is still on days after the nail-biting final, and Valorant fans are also bubbling with ideas. This fan-made Messi Phantom skin is the stuff of dreams. 

Valorant is known for its cut-throat gameplay and competition, but many are hooked to Riot’s FPS for the skins. The developer has rolled out some exuberant bundles, and players continue to find new ways to personalize them. One Valorant artist is particularly good at creating unofficial designs that look precisely like Riot’s bundles. Vegod is famous for pink variants, but his latest Phantom is on beat with FIFA World Cup.

Valorant fan and artist Vegod has designed a bubble gum blue and white variant of BlastX Phantom for Messi. It’s unofficial, but players would kill to have it in the game. 

Messi’s Phantom is straight out of a dream 

Messi’s Phantom is dipped in Argentinian colors. White and bubble gum blue stripes are painted all over the BlastX Phantom, which is officially available in flashy hues. However, Vegod has kept the skin’s mood subtle to match the Argentinian jersey. 

The overall skin is attractive, but the real deal is the details. With just a little bit of yellow on the screws and edges, the artist has added a pop of color. Bullets are also gold and yellow to add some variant in the monotone skin. Besides the color, keen-eyed players may also notice the AFA logo on the side of the gun. The artist missed the third star, but it’s still pretty impressive. 

The back side of the gun is encrusted with Messi’s name and number 10, the most notable part of the skin. It’s written in bold font in black color. Fans love the skin, and while it’s unlikely Riot would follow in the footsteps of CSGO and notice the FIFA World Cup madness, fans are still taking their shot. Many are tagging Valorant to consider adding skin similar to Messi’s Phantom to the game.