Valve has an idea for CSGO World Cup overtime similar to FIFA

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 19, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive developer, Valve, may not actively respond to player complaints, but it’s surely caught the fever of the FIFA World Cup, coming up with its own overtime concept for CSGO. 

CSGO players are vocal about their complaints and concerns regarding the game. Despite Valve’s lukewarm attitude towards the game, the players continue to voice their criticisms. Now, FIFA World Cup has done something that loud players couldn’t do in years: Valve has responded promptly with an idea for a CSGO World Cup overtime. 

When the Argentina versus France final was forced into a nail-biting extra-time by Kylian Mbappe, the world was on its toes and so were the devs CSGO. So the official Twitter handle reimagined the World Cup in CSGO, and it’s actually pretty great. 

Here’s how CSGO World Cup overtime would look 


Overtime is common in CSGO competitive matches. Official matchmaking ends 15-15, but professional and third-party games always have one solid winner. This is typically determined by overtime games played by all players of both teams. But Valve thinks that World Cup overtime would be different. 

When the stakes for the trophy are high, the competition also gets more challenging. According to CSGO, if a World Cup match ends at 15:15, players are separated into five 1v1 arenas based on their position on the scoreboard, meaning each team’s top fragger will go up against the other. All five matches will be streamed for everyone, and whoever bags three out of five wins the overtime. 

This overtime concept is a tad more complicated than the current one, but it’s surely more competitive. Besides, overtime like this would be a treat for viewers who are deeply invested in CSGO. Unfortunately, though, Valve was likely just under the FIFA fever and something like this won’t be applied in CSGO esports.