Here’s a first look at Valorant map 8, an underwater city

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 10, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has quietly teased what Valorant map eight will look at, giving fans a first look at an underwater dome map. 

While players were busy discussing the Xenohunter bundle, Riot Games dropped a massive teaser for the “Pitt.” As the official release day draws closer, the developer is becoming more forward with what’s coming. After strings of leaks and speculations around the codename, fans can finally look at a chunk of the new location. 

Valorant lore enthusiasts had long predicted that the next map would be in a glass dome. It’s looking as if this will be true. After celebrating a suspicious Aquarium week, Riot has dropped teasing Valorant map eight, codenamed Pitt

Where is Valorant map 8 located? 

The official poster has Portuguese text that reads something about waves and a city underneath it. Previous leaks also pointed towards Lisbon as map eight’s primary location. 

As such, it’s likely that the map is set in what remains of Portugal or off its coast. Riot Games has balanced tropical, icy, dusty, and urban locales and futuristic scenery with its maps. An underwater city would certainly be something new. The geo-dome gimmick was previously teased for Fracture when a mysterious figure named Oran McEneff mentioned a new location. 

“Hearing about your world was incredible! I can’t believe you have a city-wide geodome, truly a modern wonder,” Oran wrote to Aurora.

It’s unknown who this Aurora individual is, but Oran is likely referring to Pitt. The codename is self-explanatory and aligns with the geo-dome theory. Moreover, the text in the image says, “celebrate our city, the wonder beneath the waves,” further confirming that there certainly is a well-developed city in Omega earth that now requires saving.

The eighth map will likely continue to expand the story of Valorant, revealing who exactly Oran and Aurora are. Players should expect more answers about the mirror universe and agents in the upcoming teasers and inside the location itself. For now, fans may want to prep for a new ocean-related materials that may arrive in Valorant map eight.