Valorant map eight codename leaked, but what could it mean?

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Riot Games has a very strange codename for Valorant map eight according to recent leaks.

Reputable Valorant leaker ValorLeaks has revealed Riot Games’ internal codename for Valorant’s unreleased eighth map. The map is currently being referred to as “Pitt.” It’s not clear exactly what this name means, Valorant players think it may also hint toward a possible map gimmick.

As with many other big leaks, this new information comes from social media account ValorLeaks. During game development, teams will often assign codenames to projects before deciding on a final name. The name will sometimes hint at the project, but many companies also use an automated naming system to not reveal information due to accounts like ValorLeaks.

Not much is known about Riot Games’ codename policy, but the name Pitt is the only piece of information fans have so far about the highly anticipated map.

Does the Valorant map eight codename point towards Portugal?

Riot Games has already dropped a ton of hints about map eight with most signs pointing to Portugal. Fans have discovered several teasers that specify the location as Lisbon, but this codename might throw off those predictions. According to digital translation, the term “pitt” means nothing in Portuguese. The mysterious codename doesn’t easily match any famous locations or historical figures from the country either.

If map eight does refer to a literal pit, it could be related to the map’s possible gameplay gimmick. Each map has a unique mechanic that sets it apart, be it the teleporters on Bind or the trash chute on Breeze. Pitt could refer to a circular map design with a giant impassable hole at the center. Players could use the yellow tram cars from the previous map hints to get to different locations. It could also be Valorant’s first two-story map where players could jump up and down via a pit.

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However, the spelling of the leaked Valorant map eight codename makes things a little more complex. The name Pitt is usually associated with the famous actor Brad Pitt or the city of Pittsburgh. Valorant map eight could be on a movie set or in an alternate reality of Pennsylvania.

Or the two Ts could just be a red herring and the whole map is truly a hole in the ground. The only way to find out is to wait for official information from Riot Games to confirm or disprove the leaks.