Xenohunter skins in Valorant are causing big visibility issues

Olivia Richman • June 9, 2022 11:15 am

The new Xenohunter Phantom skin has created some game-breaking problems in Valorant.

The Xenohunter bundle was initially met with a lukewarm reaction from the Valorant community thanks to its futuristic take on military-style weapons but otherwise simplistic design elements. The skin also added a radar to a few weapons to detect heartbeats in very specific situations. But some players have noticed that the skin obscures enemies at certain angles, a huge issue for anyone who has equipped the Xenohunter skin.

Xenohunter skin in Valorant causing major issues

One Valorant player took to social media to show a few screenshots of the radar blocking their vision during key moments in a match. While cool in concept, the radar actually blocks some important angles on certain parts of some of the maps. This could leave players vulnerable to incoming enemies.

Here is the player’s view from Ascent A heaven stairs with the radar:

And here it is without the radar:

You can see that players peeking around certain corners have part of their vision blocked by the radar attachment. This makes it tougher to see incoming players while peering around important angles, causing players to potentially miss shots, lose out on valuable information, or even be eliminated from a blind spot. This means that players who have equipped the Xenohunter skin are at a disadvantage in certain areas of Valorant’s maps.

Valorant players have complained about similar issues in the past. Previous cosmetics have obstructed players’ views, including some large knives that took up too much on-screen space.

After the latest issue with the radar attachment, players have suggested some type of bind to free up room on the screen by switching to a different side of the weapon or changing the gun’s positioning. For now, some have joked that the underwhelming Xenohunter skin is “pay to lose.”


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