Fracture changes

Here are the potential design changes coming to Fracture

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 25, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The new changes to Fracture PBE looks much more spacious and in line with other active maps in Valorant. 

Everyone had their jaws on the floor when Riot Games unveiled a first look at an H-shaped FPS map. The split spawn design of Fracture sandwiched the defenders for the first time with ropes connecting the dual attacker base. While this design worked fine, something was just not right in Fracture. It seems Riot has gotten to the root of the problem, introducing major changes to the ruined science facility.

Valorant PBE players have revealed a rework being tested in Fracture that makes the map appear much wider. 

Riot Games testing major Fracture changes on PBE

Fracture’s dish, drop, and rope will see some significant tweaks in the upcoming patch to accommodate both sides. 

The PBE video teases a much cozier, less complicated dish. Previously, attackers had to watch each step before flanking A site due to the expansive dish area. The two openings made it difficult for a single agent to attack the site from the back. By squeezing the dish toward one side, the developer has made attacking much more convenient. 

While attackers enjoy an advantage on the dish, defenders will also find it easier to take quick control of the drop. New-look Fracture includes a ramp to jump atop the drop easily. Players can also use this ramp to hold the site entrance from the dish. Additionally, the drop will now have three cubbies for defenders to hold. 

The final notable design change is for rope. The small tower looks much deeper, with an additional balcony outside. Even if attackers smoke out the window, bold defenders may move through and post at the balcony to block out the door push. 


Small tweaks have also been made here and there, but these three changes should drastically improve the competitive experience on Fracture. Both sides may find it easier to execute their roles and duties if the PBE changes come to fruition. 

Before releasing major changes to agents and maps, Riot Games often release them in PBE as a feeler. The final version may look different than PBE, so these changes shouldn’t be taken as gospel. However, players should expect big changes to Fracture, as Riot Games has previously teased them on multiple occasions.