Valorant map Fracture could get a rework in the near future

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 26, 2022

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Besides minor tweaks, Fracture has remained unchanged since its release. Riot Games may be experimenting with a rework for the double-attacker layout of Fracture.

Most Valorant maps have unique gimmicks that drive the gameplay, but few compare with Haven’s triple-site and Fracture’s split spawn layout. The two features make the maps tough to tackle on one side. Initially, players weren’t fans of Fracture’s design, but they have finally adjusted. Some areas are still pretty challenging and imbalanced, though.

The developer has avoided making massive changes to Fracture since its release, but it seems Riot is finally weighing a rework. Here’s what could be on the docket.

Is Fracture going to get a rework in Valorant? 

Fracture could surely use some tweaks to make it more defensible. A year after its release, the developers have finally revealed a rework coming to Fracture. 

Fracture rework

A Riot developer explained that Fracture is currently in the lab as the team tests some quality of life changes. Nothing significant would get affected, but the map may become more balanced for defenders. 

“Fracture has been out for a year now. We are working on a couple of changes right now…the high-level theme is some general quality of life changes across the map,” he said. 


Why is Fracture different? 🤔 Joe Lansford explains. #VALORANT

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The developer may tweak the dark areas across the map. For example, the tunnels, drop, and more. Players may also notice lightning and audio changes as they all fall under the quality of life. Layout-wise, Joe Lansford revealed that A site might go under the knife to become more defense-sided. Currently, the map heavily helps attackers break open sites, and A happens to be an easy target. 

Besides that, the dish area is also in the developer’s sights. The massive dish makes it awfully tricky for attackers to peak, but it’s likely the only benefit A site defenders enjoy. According to the developer, the dish area would become more balanced after the potential rework. 

Is Sova a good agent on Fracture? 

Sova is a big help on all maps with wide sky openings, and Fracture has plenty of them for him to take advantage of. His recon and shock dart abilities make him a viable asset to the team both on the attacking and defending sides.