Fracture changes

First look at new map Fracture’s unique layout, release date, images

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 1, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Riot Games has finally revealed the seventh location and it’s unlike any other map in Valorant. 

Valorant’s much-awaited map Fracture might be Riot Games’ most inventive creation so far. Fracture is a game-changer. It breaks away from typical first-person shooter map design, with each party dominating a particular map area. Fracture rolls in with attackers sandwiching defenders from both sides. 

Riot Games has always successfully created hype around new maps by adding a unique feature, expanding on the game’s mechanics and tactics. This time on, the developer split the location into an H to boost the competitive spirit of Valorant while setting a new precedent in the FPS genre. Fracture will have defenders spawn in the middle of the map, with attackers entering war from both sides.

This means this map will heavily favor the bad guys. 

Closer look at Fracture map

Blog post image
Blog post image
Blog post image

The trailer also granted a peek at teleporters similar to those in the range, which brought war machine Kay/O to Earth-1. The triangles are labeled with arrival and departure, which hints that the map may feature working teleporters. Fracture appears like Bind in size and scenery so these teleporters would likely play a vital function in the map. 

Blog post image

Fracture will release alongside Episode 3, Act 2, on Wednesday, September 8, alongside a new battle pass.  

Fracture moves Valorant’s mirrorverse lore forward

Previous teasers hinted that the new location would build upon the mirror-image narrative, becoming the first map to add to Valorant lore. The official trailer confirms that Fracture is not just another map in the pool. It’s a product of terminal damage caused at the hand of vile agents and mishandling of Radianite. 

“​​We wanted to create a distinctive visual split for the two sides of the map to suggest that an accident occurred, which resulted in the timeline a fracture caused by a rift,” lead artist Brian Yam said.

The split that creates an H is caused by a disaster that has divided the location into overgrown green foliage and a ruined science facility. Unlike previous calm and lazy sites, this one brings a blend of serenity and disaster. While it’s unclear whether Fracture is set in secondary Earth, it would undoubtedly have “heavy tie-ins” to Valorant Mirror Earth Kingdom lore.

The Duality cinematic confirmed that each agent has a mirror image of themselves, who may not be as “nice” as they are. The ambiguous cinematic had left the players wanting for more. It seems that the developer is working up to an explanation behind mirror characters through Fracture and lore-heavy agents.