Valorant Harbor abilities

Here are the potential abilities of Valorant agent 21 Harbor

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 12, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Agent 21 Harbor is out in the open, but Riot is still keeping his toolkit tucked away. Still, there’s plenty to glean from the official trailer of Harbor.

On October 12, Riot Games unveiled the official trailer for the Indian fugitive Harbor, allowing players a detailed peek into his biking maneuvers. Mounted on a heavy bike, Valorant agent 21 slices through congested alleys, chasing away Realm operatives. Why is he on the run? Harbor is protecting his cuff that provides him an unlimited supply of water to block bullets and sight. 

While the developer is tight-lipped about Agent 21’s toolkit, and leakers haven’t found anything substantial yet, the trailer gives away almost his entire move set. Here are the potential abilities of Valorant agent 21, Harbor. 

What are all the abilities of Harbor in Valorant? 

Harbor is a water-based controller hailing from India, Riot Games has confirmed. In a fun trailer, Harbor can be seen biking away from Realm operatives, tossing water abilities to slow them down. 

It can be gleaned from the trailer that Harbor is indeed Viper’s twin, or at least his tidal screen is. Equipped with a water wall, Harbor could control his screen’s direction and maybe even length. It blocks enemies’ sight and bullets. It will be the most powerful screen in Valorant by far if it works exactly like shown in the trailer. If it does indeed block bullets, players should expect an instant nerf post-release. 

Harbor Valorant

Harbor’s second ability will likely be a transparent water bubble that absorbs bullet shots, similar to the wall. In one of the shots, Agent 21 is locked inside his smoke that ricochets the enemy’s bullets. Bulletproof smokes don’t currently exist in Valorant, so this is also something that’d be new for players. 

Lastly, he seems to be using a slippery water puddle that looks like an opposite of an incendiary. Instead of fire, the floor is covered in water that’s keeping enemies at bay. All of this is stored in his cuff, which likely controls the water storage, similar to Viper’s toxic gas. Since his kit seems extremely powerful, his water storage may have a catch that compensates for the overpowered bulletproof tools. 

So far, these are all speculations and shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Riot Games may release an official look at his toolkit in a few days as Harbor launches on October 18.