Varun Batra Valorant

Valorant agent 21 might be able to block bullets with a screen

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 5, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has added a Valorant agent as NPC for the first time in the practice range, bearing crucial information regarding Varun Batra, rumored agent 21. 

So far, we know Valorant agent 21 is an Indian character who thoroughly enjoys a good plate of samosa chat. We also know that he’s a controller, likely named Varun Batra, who might have similar abilities to Viper. Official teasers have confirmed the category and origin of Varun, but not much was known about his role in Valorant’s chaotic lore. Finally, Cypher has arrived in range as moving AI with some background about agent 21. 

Players should see Cypher toying with his trap at the corner of the main practice range. Inside his office, a new voice recording awaits, which includes two Realm operatives discussing Varun Batra. 

What are Varun Batra’s abilities? 

Valorant agent 21

A new leak may have revealed a first-look at Varun’s supposed water-screen. Riot Games previously hinted at a water-based agent who’d be similar to Viper. The combination pointed at an oceanic screen, which can be seen in the screenshot leaked by floxay.

In the image, agents are shooting at a wall that appears to be a massive oceanic wave. This suggests that Varun might be Valorant’s second controller with a unique sight-blocking tool. Another exciting catch is bullets ricocheting off the giant wave. There are tiny sparks where bullets connect with the tide, suggesting that Varun might be able to thwart an attack. 

How does Varun Batra fit in Valorant lore? 

According to the emails and voice notes, Varun Batra is a fugitive of Realm who’s hiding with a crucial artifact. Fade has previously revealed Varun’s identity as the “keeper of Legion’s power source,” which is something that Realm is likely also after.

In a recent range voice message, two operatives can be heard discussing Varun and how he’s a threat to Captain Greaves, the shot-caller at Realm, a covert multinational task force that deals with historical artifacts and antiques. Fade had also confirmed that Varun is an antique expert, so the Realm is likely trying to get hold of the stolen item before anyone else does. 

According to the audio, Valorant agent 21 is currently on the run. He’s on Realm’s hit list for stealing the object and trying to assassinate Captain Greaves. However, the second Realm operative isn’t so sure that Greaves isn’t lying. In both cases, Varun’s whereabouts are currently unknown.