HasanAbi ban

HasanAbi claims DMCA strike redacted by Twitch, but was it?

By Olivia Richman


Jan 11, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

It’s now being speculated that Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker’s DMCA from the Fox Network was fake.

On January 8, HasanAbi shared a tweet that showed an email from Twitch warning HasanAbi that he had received a copyright takedown for streaming MasterChef on his recent streams. In response, HasanAbi declared that the MasterChef meta was “over.”

While fans were confused as to why HasanAbi received an email while other streamers received suspensions, including Imane “Pokimane” Anys and now DisguisedToast, few were surprised that HasanAbi was warned to stop streaming popular reality shows.

The MasterChef meta had all but taken over Twitch, led by big name influencers like Felix “xQc” Lengyel. But many were skeptical that streamers would be able to get away with showing TV shows, anime, and other popular media. Some even feared there would be major consequences that would harm smaller influencers.

But it’s possible that HasanAbi never really received a copyright takedown from Twitch after all.

Pokimane says HasanAbi’s DMCA was fake on Twitch stream

During a recent stream, Pokimane was surprised to find out that HasanAbi never really received a DMCA strike. During the stream, Pokimane said that HasanAbi had told her he believed the email to be fake, but Pokimane wondered how he would know that to begin with.

Pokimane then wondered if her own DMCA warning email was fake.

“Mine might also be fake. Because if mine was real, why wouldn’t Mizkif also have one?” Pokimane speculated.

HasanAbi later tweeted about the situation. He showed an alleged email from Twitch that said the DMCA strike against his channel had been retracted. The email stated that “measures” were taken to reinstate the content and remove the penalty.

Before the initial email, HasanAbi was very adamant that streaming TV shows on Twitch wasn’t a problem as long as streamers were “careful” about it, like not streaming popular anime or newer seasons of reality shows. He even got in an argument with Ludwig, calling the YouTuber a “snitch” for making a video about the problems with the MasterChef meta.

Fans were surprised when HasanAbi went from such confidence to suddenly receiving a warning and declaring the meta “over.” But the entire situation has not seemed to phase HasanAbi. He reiterated that older shows are safer in most cases, tweeting that he wants to have “fun” with his community.

The streaming community is still confused how HasanAbi’s DMCA was retracted while Pokimane and DisguisedToast received suspensions for the same thing. Twitch is not known for being consistent with its punishments and upholding its Terms of Service, but the current situation seems fishy to many.