HasanAbi declares end of MasterChef meta after copyright claim

Olivia Richman • January 9, 2022 12:14 am

Soon after calling out Ludwig Ahgren for “snitching” on Twitch streamers taking part in the MasterChef meta, Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker received a DMCA copyright claim from the Fox Network.

Ludwig took to a recent YouTube stream to discuss the issues with streaming reality shows, prompting HasanAbi to criticize the way Ludwig went about the situation. HasanAbi said that making a video would just draw attention to the MasterChef meta, creating issues for Twitch streamers within the meta.

But now, big content creators streaming reality shows are starting to face some backlash from more than other streamers. Imane “Pokimane” Anys faced her first Twitch suspension for watching Avatar on stream and now, HasanAbi himself has also seen some pushback, receiving a copyright takedown for watching MasterChef.

HasanAbi gets DMCA for watching MasterChef on Twitch

Streamers including Felix “xQc” Lengyel have been enjoying a boom in viewership thanks to watching MasterChef on Twitch. Gordon Ramsay himself reached out to xQc about getting more familiar with the streaming platform.

But HasanAbi is now declaring that the MasterChef meta is over. He shared a screenshot of an email he received from Twitch revealing that the Fox Network, the media company that owns the rights to the show, had copyright claimed his streams and videos involving MasterChef.

This comes after a dust-up on Twitter between Ludwig and HasanAbi after the former put out a video discussing the MasterChef meta. After the stream response, HasanAbi took to social media to further explain his frustration with Ludwig.

“Everything is fair use if the copyright holder doesn’t care about pursuing a DMCA claim. Be smart (don’t watch entire movies, Viacom Disney shit, or new episodes) and stop snitching,” HasanAbi tweeted.

HasanAbi added in a follow-up tweet that video games are a “great example of this,” since all games are “subject to copyright laws.” HasanAbi explained that the gaming industry recognizes that it can benefit from streamers playing their games, something he believed television networks also felt.

This ended up not being true.

The series of tweets from HasanAbi didn’t age well, as seen by HasanAbi’s more recent tweet that the MasterChef meta is over.


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