Sodapoppin DMCA

Sodapoppin admits he wants MasterChef streamers to get DMCA

By Olivia Richman


Jan 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Many popular Twitch streamers have started taking to watching television shows during their broadcasts over the last few weeks, including shows like MasterChef. But Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris is hoping that everyone who streams these television shows soon receives a DMCA copyright strike.

As viewership has increased while streamers like Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Felix “xQc” Lengyel broadcast MasterChef, they have started streaming other reality shows as well. This includes other Gordon Ramsey programs as well as Hotel Hell. As the trend has continued to become more prevalent, Sodapoppin voiced frustration with the “new meta.” During a December 30 stream, Sodapoppin said he hopes the streamers “get DMCA’d.”

“When someone amps up their content, most people have to follow suit because it’s a competitive space. Now, these motherf—— are watching TV shows, man, and I have to compete with that,” Sodapoppin said.

Because of this, Sodapoppin is hoping these big-time streamers get banned or copyright striked. He isn’t sure what will actually come of watching television through streams, but Sodapoppin admitted that he hopes they “get f—–.”

Sodapoppin didn’t stop there. The streamer said he hoped Twitch would make it so that streamers couldn’t view YouTube content on the platform. He said he didn’t even want streamers to be able to watch Daily Dose on Twitch.

“That would decimate the platform, and even I would lose views, but I want to see the world burn,” Sodapoppin said.

What is the MasterChef meta on Twitch?

The “MasterChef meta” is just streamers playing reality TV programs during their live broadcasts. Popular streamers like xQc and Pokimane have spearheaded the trend, with a former MasterChef winner even offering to appear on xQc’s stream.

But content creators are skeptical about the sustainability of streaming television shows. This includes Asmongold, who recently said that the “MasterChef thing” won’t last too long.

“The MasterChef thing isn’t gonna last. I’m pretty sure Trainwrecks got DMCA’d for that like two years ago. Eventually, they’re gonna DMCA streamers and, as soon as the first one gets DMCA’d, everybody else is gonna stop watching it,” Asmongold said.