Greekgodx condemns Twitch gambling after streaming return

By Olivia Richman


Aug 23, 2022

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Dimitri “Greekgodx” Antonato is back on Twitch to share more of his controversial takes. This time, the IRL streamer expressed his disdain for streamers who take sponsorships from gambling sites and for gambling on Twitch.

Gambling has become a huge issue on Twitch recently, with the category getting an immense amount of new views thanks to popular streamers like Felix “xQc” Lengyel. The streaming community fears that impressionable young viewers will end up losing money on the sites that sponsor these big streamers, causing some backlash against the category being allowed on Twitch.

Greekgodx explains why he doesn’t associate with most Twitch streamers

Greekgodx was recently banned from Twitch after a clip surfaced of him mocking an Asian family went around the internet. At the time, many streamers expressed that they didn’t like how Greekgodx handled the situation, which was largely to deny what he’d done despite the blatant behavior caught on a livestream.

But Greekgodx is back on Twitch now and remains unafraid of expressing himself, even if his comments are unpopular with his peers.

One viewer asked Greekgodx why he doesn’t seem to hang out with other streamers that much. Greekgodx was quick to respond, saying that many of them “do s—” he doesn’t want to be associated with himself.

“Gambling is pretty bad. Would I ever gamble on stream again for money? Now that I’ve fully woken up? I’d have to be real desperate for money. I’m not that greedy, see?” Greekgodx explained.

Greekgodx added that taking a gambling sponsorship is like being tempted by the devil. He said it’s just an easy way to get more money and be able to “buy even more stuff.”

“It just feels gross,” Greekgodx said.

Despite his strong words against gambling sponsorships, Greekgodx admitted that he doesn’t want to write off the possibility completely. This is probably a fair statement, as many streamers continue to flip-flop their views on gambling quite often. xQc has condemned gambling in the past, but is now “addicted” to slots.

While Greekgodx is not opposed to making some easy bucks in the future, he said he’s confident that he currently has no interest in hanging out with “gambling degenerates.”

xQc and Greekgodx get in heated argument over gambling

This viewpoint comes as no surprise from Greekgodx. The outspoken streamer clashed with xQc on stream back in July, getting in a 90-minute argument about streaming culture.

Greekgodx accused xQc of being “brainwashed,” yelled at xQc for being a millionaire but just “sitting in his room.” He told him to “buy a f—— boat” and to stop playing games like Fall Guys.

“You’re a millionaire. People work their entire lives to get money so they can live. You’ve already made it. Go out and live your f—— life. Explore. You could visit every f—— country,” Greekgodx screamed.

Greekgodx told the former Overwatch League pro that he might as well “dye his hair blue,” saying he wanted to “punch him in the face” for wasting his life streaming and not taking advantage of his appearance.

The IRL streamer went on to say that xQc was never going to stop streaming because he is afraid of doing anything that would make him uncomfortable and that he lacks discipline. xQc responded that Greekgodx had no discipline himself.

The argument went in circles from there, with most viewers expressing concern for both streamers and their respective behaviors.


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