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Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire trailer leaves fans concerned

By Olivia Richman


Dec 3, 2023

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The new Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire trailer has Kaiju fans torn.

Godzilla x Kong is the highly anticipated next film in the MonsterVerse timeline, which recently ended with King Kong and Godzilla reluctantly teaming up to take down Mechagodzilla. Now it looks like the two titular kaiju will be facing off against another threat, Skar King.

The most recent trailer dropped today, and it’s a bit divisive.

Godzilla fans react to the latest trailer

The new trailer begins with a closer look at Skar King, who fans have been speculating since the teaser dropped. Skar King looks like he’s a massive orangutan who wants to rule Hollow Earth and beyond. During the Hollow Earth segment of the trailer, we also see Kong come face to face with a young orangutan-looking ape.

Based on this part of the trailer, it seems like King Kong and the Hollow Earth may be the focus of The New Empire, which has many Godzilla fans disappointed and concerned. It really seems like a film that’s fleshing out Kong’s backstory and his current fight to restore the Hollow Earth to its former glory.

Of course, Kong can’t stop the threat of Skar King on his own. This means Godzilla will be teaming up with Kong to take down the massive monkey, a foe he defeated millions of years ago. The end of the trailer shows Godzilla emerging from crystals, glowing pink, and roaring into the sky in true kaiju fashion.

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But fans are not too sure what they think about Godzilla’s new look. Many prefer the blue he sported in Godzilla vs. Kong and even find the pink glow to be “goofy.”

Another big complaint was the end of the trailer, which shows Godzilla and Kong running together from a massive threat. This could be Skar King, or it could be a rumored second enemy, which has left fans hoping to see a more iconic monster featured in the film. Meanwhile, seeing the two enemies running together made a lot of people laugh, and possibly not in a good way. It definitely looks a bit silly, and some were not able to take the image seriously.

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Only time will tell how the next Godzilla x Kong movie will be but fans are just happy to see the epic lizard getting some love the past few years.