What’s the difference between Baki and Baki Hanma?

Same main character, very different opponents.

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 16, 2023

Baki Hanma in the Baki anime

These are all of the major characters in the Baki series

The Baki franchise has a long list of characters, but only a few of them are of critical importance....

By Steven Rondina


Jul 11, 2022

Baki Hanma fighting a giant imaginary preying mantis

How Baki Hanma got his absurd physique and how Baki trains

A defining feature of Baki media is the absurd physique of the main cast. But how did Baki and friends...

By Steven Rondina


Jul 2, 2022

Baki Hanma in Baki

Is there a Baki season 4? Here’s what you need to know

Fans are desperate for more face-punching Baki action, and many are left wondering when Baki season...

By Steven Rondina


Jun 29, 2022