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How does George Cooper die in Young Sheldon?

By Fariha Bhatti


May 10, 2024

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The last episode before Young Sheldon’s season finale has shattered fans’ hearts with the inevitable death of George Cooper Sr., Sheldon’s father.

Young Sheldon, a show that explores the early life of The Big Bang Theory character Sheldon is finally ending after seven seasons. While it has mostly been a feel-good show with a hint of comedy here and there, the ending is anything but. Fans had already expected the death of Sheldon’s father, but nothing could prepare them for the heartbreak. 

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon made clear that his father died when he was 14, which is his age in Season 7 of Young Sheldon. For this reason, fans were on edge, dreading the moment when it would finally happen. In the May 6 episode, it was finally revealed how does George die in Young Sheldon. 

Does George die in Young Sheldon Season 7?

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Yes, George Cooper dies of a heart attack in Season 7. His death happens off the camera. This news was delivered to his family by two of his closest friends. 

“It was always going to be off-camera. We didn’t want to witness that moment of his death. We always knew we were going to deal with his death this season, but we never thought about seeing it on camera,” Young Sheldon executive producer Steve Holland said.

The specific circumstances surrounding his death are not explicitly depicted in the show. This happens a few days after he finally gets his dream job as a football coach at Houston’s Rice University. Everything was going well for the Coopers until one morning when George left for work. Before leaving, he says he’ll be back for a family photo shoot, bidding farewell with a casual “See you all later.” 

However, he doesn’t return home. Instead, his friend informs his family of his unexpected death from a heart attack. 

While his death was heartbreaking, fans can find comfort in the fact that George was finally on good terms with his wife and all his children. He had also recieved his dream job offer. More about his death and aftermath will be revealed in the two-part season finale of Young Sheldon on May 16.


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