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Godzilla x Kong poster reveals new kaiju threat

By Olivia Richman


Nov 29, 2023

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Godzilla and King Kong fans have united to both express excitement for Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, the next MonsterVerse installment. Now, a new poster has confirmed an intriguing new character.

Not much is known about the movie, but the plot of Godzilla x Kong reads: “Godzilla and Kong face a terrifying monster that threatens the entire planet.” Now, there’s there’s a “colossal undiscovered threat” hidden within Earth and it seems like Godzilla and Kong have teamed up to take it down.

At the time that the movie was revealed, the monstrous threat was not known. Based on the limited information about Godzilla x Kong, kaiju fans speculated about the reddish ape that briefly appeared in the teaser and who this may be.

It’s now been revealed.

Who is Skar King?

A movie poster for Godzilla x Kong shows a stylized image of Skar King along with the words: BOW TO YOUR NEW KING.

Skar King is an orangutan-like giant titan that lives within Hollow Earth, the same place that Kong is from. This matches the previous description of the villain being “hidden within Earth.” He uses Hollow Earth’s energy to gain the abilities of his rivals.

In the past, Godzilla defeated Skar King and trapped him within an underground cave network. In response, Skar King used Shimu’s abilities to bring on an ice age that all but destroyed Earth and its inhabitants. That was apparently millions of years ago, and Skar King has been brushing up on his skills for those millions of years in an attempt to take down Godzilla and rule over Earth.

Fans have responded to the Skar King poster with a bit of skepticism. A lot of Godzilla fans are not too excited about more Kong-like monsters, comparing it to Planet of the Apes and pointing out the boring Hollow Earth storyline from the past films. It’s clear that they want Godzilla to be the focus and are concerned this could take away from the lizard’s screen time.

They do, however, believe that Godzilla has the power to take down Skar King a second time. Even though he has been practicing his skills for millions of years, Godzilla has also grown his powers and become stronger over time. He has also become much larger and tougher to take down as the years go on.


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