New Fortnite skin pays homage to Will Smith in Bad Boys film

Olivia Richman • August 29, 2021 4:47 pm

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when he comes for you? Will Smith is coming to Fortnite.

Epic Games has announced that Will Smith is coming to Fortnite as a Mike Lowrey skin. This is his iconic character from 1995 film Bad Boys. The outfit is called “Loose Cannon” and it comes with Mike Lowrey’s signature outfit, a Detective’s Duffle Bag Bling, and Loose Cannon Cutters, which are dual-wielding pickaxes.

The Mike Lowrey skin is currently in the Item Shop for 1,500 V-Bucks. The description reads that Lowrey is a “tough-talking detective” that’s ready for anything.

“Mike Lowrey is one cool customer. Whether he’s involved in explosive action or a high-speed chase, he’s always undeniably smooth. And now, the South Beach detective is heading to Fortnite,” Fortnite devs said.

Will Smith joins Ariana Grande and other celebrities as a skin in the popular battle royale. Fortnite has also added other exciting skins recently and seems to be diversifying its offering beyond its usual roundup of video game and comic book characters.

Data miners leaked Mike Lowrey’s Fortnite skin earlier this month. The leak also included a J. Balvin skin. The famous singer was also added to the Item Shop last night. Other leaked skins include Morty from Rick and Morty, which came earlier this month.

Is Will Smith in esports?

This Fortnite skin isn’t the first time that Will Smith has been involved with the gaming scene. Will Smith led an investment round worth $46 million for esports organization Gen.G in the spring of 2019.

Smith, Japanese soccer veteran Keisuke Honda, Los Angeles Clippers minority owner Dennis Wong, and more invested in Gen.G to support the organization’s creative and commercial efforts. The investment is part of Gen.G’s ongoing expansion throughout the world, with current efforts being focused on entering Japan’s growing esports scene.

“We are grateful for the support of a remarkable group of investors that is as diverse as the future of esports itself,” CEO Chris Park said at the time. “Our partners in this round share Gen.G’s mission to re-imagine sports entertainment as only an authentically global esports organization can.”


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