Fortnite exploit lets players carry six items in their inventory

By Olivia Richman


Nov 27, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Fortnite is full of bugs and glitches, but some are more game-breaking than others. 

It was recently discovered that one exploit in the battle royale’s second chapter allows players to carry six items in their inventory. Fortnite only allows five item slots. 

This exploit was made possible thanks to the latest vehicle addition to the game, the motor boat. As with almost all bugs of this nature, this requires a few specific inputs that are unlikely to occur organically. Still, it’s worth trying out if the opportunity presents itself.

Here’s how to take advantage of the six item slot bug before it possibly gets fixed in an upcoming patch: 

  • Fill up one’s inventory.
  • Drive a boat near a loose item. 
  • While in the passenger’s seat, pick up the desired item. At the same time, move to the driver’s seat. 
  • This will cause an item from the inventory to drop.
  • Get out of the boat and pick up the dropped item. 
  • While it will only show five, all six items will be held in the inventory, with one hidden beneath another.  

This exploit can give players a major advantage if they’re able to execute it in peace.

The ability to hold extra shields or healing items is huge in the late game, especially in a team setting where players can enjoy significantly higher sustainability in prolonged firefights. It even makes the Bandage Bazooka more viable, since it negates the healing item’s two-slot rule. With an extra slot available, that doesn’t create much of a disadvantage or dilemma anymore. 

One YouTuber even found a way to get even more than six items, although it doesn’t work with weapons. 


While the exploit might seem exciting, it’s important to keep in mind that doing so can carry the risk of being permanently banned.

Fortnite streaming superstar Frazier “Jarvis” Kaye found this out the hard way when his account was permabanned by Epic Games after he uploaded a video of himself using an aimbot. 

Other streamers, like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Dr. Disrespect have called on Epic to reduce Jarvis’ sentence, but so far Epic has stood by their ruling. Ninja suggested a six-month punishment, since Jarvis wasn’t trying to use it in a competitive setting. For the same reason, Dr. Disrespect said even one week was an acceptable punishment. 

Epic stated that they have a “zero tolerance policy” for cheating. While there have been instances in the past that seem to undermine this statement, if this is Epic’s new stance on cheating, it’s probably best to not take that risk. 


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